5 Celebrities That Made Pixie Cuts Trend

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Pixie hair is a bold and empowering hairstyle that numerous celebrities have rocked over the years. However, it takes a special kind of charisma and confidence to truly make a pixie cut iconic.

In recent years, a lot of celebrities have been seen sporting pixie hair and embracing their edgy side. Unlike in the earlier years, a pixie is no longer a symbol of masculinity but rather a symbol of individuality and empowerment.

It is a low-maintenance yet stylish haircut that is short and characterized by its cropped length, typically above the ears and around the nape of the neck. It can range from a very short length to a more textured set of layers that frame the face. 

Here are the top 5 celebrities who made pixie hair trend across the world. 


Zendaya is a style chameleon who effortlessly pulls off a wide range of hairstyles, including pixie hair. With each new look, Zendaya continues to captivate audiences and set trends. 

Most popularly, when she debuted her blonde mocha and dark-rooted pixie hair for an event in 2016, her daring pixie cuts were praised for their versatility and modern appeal. 

Whether she’s on the red carpet or gracing the cover of a magazine, Zendaya’s pixie hair always makes a statement, proving that short hair can be just as glamorous as long locks.

Halle Berry

pixie hair afro
Short Pixie Cut Afro

Halle Berry is perhaps one of the most iconic figures when it comes to pixie hair. Her portrayal of the character “Storm” in the X-Men films introduced many to her signature short hairstyle. 

Moreover, she set the style bar high when she accepted her Academy Award at the 2002 Oscars, sporting a sleek pixie cut paired with an absolutely stunning floral gown that turned many heads. 

Her version of pixie hair exudes elegance and sophistication, proving that short hair can be incredibly glamorous. Her fearless embrace of the pixie cut has inspired countless women to take the plunge and opt for a shorter, more daring look.


black woman pixie hair
Pixie Cuts For Women

Rihanna is known for her ever-changing hairstyles, and her experimentation with pixie hair was no exception. Whether she’s rocking a sleek, cropped style or adding some edge with bold colors and textures, Rihanna has consistently pushed the boundaries of beauty norms. 

Especially when she debuted on the 2012 VMAs red carpet in brown pixie hair with tousled waves and slightly longer strands. Pairing this hair with a red lip and a white dress was the ultimate style boss move! 

Moreover, she often use accessories with her pixie cuts with statement hair accessories such as headbands, scarves, or hair clips, adding an extra element of style and flair to her overall ensemble.

Her pixie hair has become synonymous with confidence and individuality, encouraging women to embrace their unique sense of style without fear.

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz is the epitome of cool, and her pixie hair perfectly reflects her edgy, effortless style. With her sharp cheekbones and striking features, Kravitz rocks the pixie cut with confidence and grace. 

Most notably, when she cut her hair short for the Batman movie and embraced her inner ‘Cat Woman’. She wore a gorgeous black dress with short and feathered hair that she styled using her hands to add texture. 

Her ever-evolving hairstyles inspire women to embrace their individuality and experiment with different looks. Whether she’s wearing her hair short and sleek or adding some texture and volume, Kravitz proves that pixie hair can be both feminine and fierce.

Janelle Monáe

pixie hair blonde
Longer Pixie Cut And Side Part

Janelle Monáe has showcased stunning pixie cuts throughout her career, often incorporating creative elements like shaved sides or intricate styling. She has a distinctive sense of style, and her pixie hair is no exception. 

With sharp lines and sleek styling, Monáe’s pixie cuts exude confidence and strength. She has been vocal about embracing her natural hair texture and challenging traditional beauty standards. 

Her asymmetrical blonde pixie hair from the movie ‘Glass Onion: Knives Out’ made Monáe even more of a trailblazer in the world of beauty. It also inspired many to embrace their natural hair and unique sense of self.


Pixie hair has transformed into a symbol of beauty, confidence, and empowerment. This hair trend has inspired women all over the world to embrace their natural and powerful feminine side. 

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