5 Times When Zendaya Rocked Red Carpet With Curly Hair

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Zendaya is undeniably a trailblazer for red-carpet fashion and hairstyles. Her ability to effortlessly pull off various looks has made her a fashion icon and an inspiration for many. In this blog, we will explore five times when Zendaya ruled the red carpet with her stunning hairstyles and gorgeous curly hair.

Why Is Zendaya Idolized For Hair Goals?

Zendaya has undeniably proven herself to be a true style icon when it comes to red-carpet hairstyles. Her fearless approach to hair experimentation and ability to effortlessly pull off various looks has solidified her status as a trendsetter. From sleek and sophisticated updos to voluminous curls and everything in between, Zendaya has showcased the power of hairstyles in making a statement and expressing individuality.

Through her choices, she has inspired countless individuals, especially Black women, to embrace their natural hair, play with extensions and wigs, and celebrate the versatility of their locks.

The actress always has a statement-making texture in mind, whether she chooses to flaunt her naturally curly hair or opts for hair extensions and lace wigs of different sorts that can be styled in various ways. With her hair identity rooted in her biracial heritage, she’s often donned dreadlocks and cornrows effortlessly. But, as a girl who can instantly alter her appearance, she wears smoothed strands with the same panache. 

While Zendaya’s mane’s length, color, and hair texture may constantly change, one thing you can count on: every red carpet is a fresh start for her. Let us look at some of her best red-carpet looks through the years.

1. The American Music Awards, 2014:

A Beauty With Curls

At the AMA’s 2014, Zendaya rocked a bold, edgy hairstyle that perfectly captured her unique style. She wore her hair in a voluminous, long pixie cut. The hairstyle featured shaved sides, leaving the crown full of curly hair cascading down her shoulders.

Zendaya’s hairstyle at the AMA’s 2014 was a striking departure from traditional red carpet looks. It showcased her confidence and willingness to experiment with unconventional styles. Combining the short edgy cut with the curly hair and voluminous texture added a touch of fierceness and individuality to her overall appearance. 

2. The Oscars, 2015:

Regal beauty with braids

Zendaya’s hairstyle at The Oscars 2015 was a true showstopper that exemplified her fashion-forward approach and willingness to experiment with unique and daring looks. She chose a stunning braided hairstyle that perfectly complemented her red-carpet ensemble.

The braided hairstyle showcased the artistry and versatility of braiding techniques. Her hair was expertly braided into an intricate pattern, combining elements of cornrows and more prominent, textured braids. 

By using curly hair extensions, individuals with shorter or finer hair can achieve a more dramatic and impactful braided hairstyle, similar to Zendaya’s look. 

Zendaya’s braided hairstyle was a breathtaking display of artistry and cultural significance. While hair extensions can enhance and elevate braided styles, the true beauty of this look lies in the celebration of Black hair and the cultural legacy it represents.

3 The Met Gala, 2017:

Fashionably wild

Zendaya’s hairstyle at The Met Gala 2017 featured voluminous, shoulder length curly hairstyle that were expertly styled to create a statement-making effect. Her natural curls were enhanced and perfectly defined, exuding confidence and grace.

Zendaya may have utilized curly hair extensions to add extra volume and length to achieve this beautiful hairstyle. These extensions seamlessly blended with her natural curls, resulting in a gorgeous, foxy afro. Managing and styling this particular curl pattern can be demanding due to its versatility. Still, she flawlessly executed this look, demonstrating her understanding of her hair’s unique needs and dedication to embracing and celebrating her natural texture.

This hairstyle inspires women with curly hair, highlighting the importance of embracing and enhancing their natural texture. Whether achieved with or without extensions, Zendaya’s stunning curly hairstyle at The Met Gala 2017 celebrated the beauty of curly hair. It encouraged others to embrace their unique curls with confidence and pride. 

4. The Oscars, 2021:

A hair fantasy

Zendaya’s hairstyle at the Oscars 2021 was a mesmerizing display of sleek and voluminous hair. She opted for a center-parted, long, flowing hairstyle that perfectly complemented her overall red carpet look.

Her hair was styled into beautiful, soft waves that cascaded down her shoulders. The waves were characterized by their natural-looking texture and effortless elegance. This hairstyle exuded timeless glamour and showcased Zendaya’s ability to command attention effortlessly. 

This beautiful look can be effortlessly achieved using wavy hair extensions. They provided added length, volume, and versatility, contributing to the overall impact and glamour of the look. By selecting high-quality wavy hair extensions that closely match your hair texture and color, you can seamlessly blend them into your natural hair.  

5. The Dune Premiere, 2022:

Coils- Spiral of perfection

Zendaya made a bold fashion statement at the premiere of her movie Dune, opting for a stunning curly shag haircut on the red carpet. As she arrived at the Grand Rex cinema in Paris, all eyes were on her. She showcased a voluminous and lively curly shag, which perfectly complemented her overall look. Zendaya paired her coily, cascading locks with spiral bangs that gracefully brushed against her eyebrows to add an extra touch of allure.

You, too, can recreate this stunning hairstyle in the comfort of your home. With the help of curly hair extensions, achieving this and many other heavy-coiled glamorous styles in reality. You can effortlessly add length, volume, and bounce to your natural curls by incorporating high-quality extensions into your existing hair.


With each red carpet appearance, Zendaya continues to push boundaries and redefine beauty standards, reminding us that hairstyles are not just about aesthetics but also a form of self-expression and empowerment. As we eagerly anticipate her future red carpet moments, one thing is sure – Zendaya will continue to rule the red carpet with her awe-inspiring and game-changing hairstyles.

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