7 Black Instagram influencer To Follow For Fashion Inspo

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In the dynamic world of fashion, diversity and representation are paramount. From setting trends to challenging industry norms, Black Instagram influencers stand at the forefront. 

With a keen eye for design and an unwavering sense of self-expression, a dedication to authenticity, these influencers are not just trendsetters—they’re trailblazers, inspiring millions with their innovative approach to fashion.

In this blog, take a look at 7 black Instagram influencers; their feeds offer a captivating blend of creativity, confidence, and cultural influence. 

Whether you’re seeking bold new looks or simply craving a daily dose of inspiration, these influencers are sure to leave a mark on your fashion journey.

Salem Mitchell

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Instagram Influencers To Follow Today

A Gen Z influencer, Salem Mitchell started off her journey on Instagram (@salemmitchell) and soon caught the attention of various brands because of her unique facial freckles. 

She has since appeared in various campaigns for brands like GAP and, more recently, Savage x Fenty.

She has appeared in music videos with SZA and Cardi B. She was a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and promoted the cause with passion. 

Speaking up about the beauty standards that black women face and the cultural appropriation that takes place in today’s society. 

She regularly posts photos in fun and eclectic outfits, along with snippets from her life. She embraces her gorgeous curly locks in the most flattering way. 

Mitchell faced confidence issues in her childhood as she was bullied for her freckles, but those same freckles have now made her a black Instagram influence and have helped many young girls embrace their unique faces and be authentic online. 

Chrissy Rutherford

A London and New York-based social media expert, Chrissy Rutherford (@chrissyford) is a fashion icon. She founded her company in June 2020, 2BG. 

Her company aims to provide advice and consultation for influencers on how to implement anti-racist communication strategies. The company also provides consultations to beauty brands.

Along with black Instagram influencer, she is an editor at Harper’s Bazaar and was nominated by ASME awards for mental health awareness and discussing her struggles with anxiety. 

Precious Lee  

Lee is a body-positive and plus-size black instagram influencer and model who propagates racial equality with fierceness and passion. 

She was one of the first black women in the plus size category to model for high-end luxury brands like Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. 

Her Instagram (@ preciousleexoxo) is flooded with incredible moments from behind the scenes of her fashion shows and moments where she is off duty. Her ability to pull off any style makes her a versatile model who helps make other women confident in their changing bodies. 

Tamu McPherson

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Hair Fashion Inspo

Started as a photographer, McPherson (@tamumcpherson) has evolved and founded Grazia.it and served as a creative director for Creator Agency Outthere.

She is based in Milan and has eclectic looks that allow her to explore style. She is bold and creative as she experiments with new styles and outfits constantly. 

Moreover, she gave birth to ‘All The Pretty Birds’, which is a blog dedicated to building a more intimate media experience and interaction. 

Born in Jamaica, she is the perfect testament that humble beginnings do not limit success; instead, they give oneself the ability to soar higher.

Kellie Brown

Los Angeles and New York-based Black Instagram influencer (@itsmekellieb) and businesswoman Kelli Brown is a plus-size model and body positivity advocate. 

She is the founder of ‘And I Get Dressed,’ which is a size-inclusive fashion inspiration website made to close the gap between a woman and her desired style goal.  

She started #FatAtFashionWeek and started her line of vintage home goods called AIGD Home. 

She has been giving plus-size women a chance to feel confident in their bodies, accept themselves entirely, and move towards self-improvement.  

Leslie Latrice

Founder of the ‘Fierce Is She’ blog in 2016 dedicated to helping women of color and celebrating them, Latrice (@leslielatrice) is a 24-year-old first lieutenant in the U.S. Army.  

Her page features short videos of individuals discussing one moment in their life that changed and defined it. 

She has a YouTube channel where she posts all kinds of content, including content about her life in the military and travel vlogs. 

Leslie has managed many careers and proves that women can do whatever they put their minds to and do it with nothing short of excellence. 


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Try New Hair With Fashion Inspo

With a picture perfect smile, Joy (@joyfulxbeauty ) is a woman of color who has an alopecia diagnosis meaning that she cannot grow hair. However, if anyone knows how to rock being bald, it is her. 

She often shares videos and behind-the-scenes from her life along with sophisticated outfit inspiration. She also shares content on wigs and how they help empower her already empowered self. 

She gives so many the chance to feel confident in their own skin and not be intimidated by the world and its beauty expectations from black women in fashion.


Through their diverse and captivating fashion choices, these 7 black Instagram influencers inspire us to embrace our individuality and express ourselves authentically. Their feeds are a testament to the beauty of diversity and the power of self-expression. 

In this year, 2024, cultivate self-love to foster resilience, confidence, and inner peace, and feel empowered to navigate life’s challenges with compassion and grace. Compassion towards ourselves and a bold style in the world is the ultimate step to confidence and self-acceptance.

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