A Magical Night: The Most Festive DIY Hairstyles To Try For Your New Year’s Eve Party!

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New Year means glitz and glamour! If a New Year party isn’t the time to dress up, when is it? A party to celebrate the following year’s oncoming and bring in a new version of you that is more improved, positive and hopefully, healed. The new you deserve to be stylish while staying true to your core.

You usually wear your best outfit to paint the town red on the 31st of  December but tend to forget about your hair. Hair can complete any look and add the missing element to it effortlessly. Here are four trendy and easy DIY hairstyles to try for your New Year party so you can genuinely embrace the sense of New Year, New Me.

Messy But Dressy: A Ponytail With A Bow 

DIY hairstyle bow
Put a Bow On It!

One of the quickest DIY hairstyles, this messy ponytail with a big bow perfectly combines elegance with party-girl fun. It’s low maintenance, helps keep the hair out of your face and still gives you something extra to add to your hair. Here is how you can achieve this look.

  • Start with a texturizing spray like a sea salt spray to add waves or volume to your hair.
  • If you want more waves, use a curling wand to add loose waves around the bulk of your hair. 
  • Add some hair spray or a light mousse to seal in the texture, but not weigh it down.
  • Take a clear elastic band and tie your hair in a low ponytail, ensuring it is not too tight. 
  • Secure the bow around your elastic using bobby pins or the elastic that comes attached to the bow. 
  • End by making the ponytail loose and pulling out a few strands from the front to make it look messy. Ensure not to pull out too much hair, which may make it look unkempt. 

Pair this DIY hairstyle with a LBD, some high heels and a perfect red lip for your skin tone, and you are all set to dance the night away. 

Diamond In The Sky: Sparkly Pins 

New Year’s Eve is the chance to add sparkle to your look and upgrade it classically. A simple row of sparkly hair pins can elevate the simplest hair look and make it stand out. The way to make it stand out is by pairing it with poker-straight hair. Here is how you can dazzle with this DIY hairstyle. 

  • Take small sections of your hair and straighten them to be very straight. Make sure to apply a generous amount of heat protectant before you do this, as it may cause damage to your strands. 
  • Once your hair is straightened, add a light oil to give it some shine and make it look lustrous and healthy. 
  • Add sparkly bobby pins to the hair on one side or both if you’re feeling adventurous. Wearing a pair of pins instead of one is best, as it adds just the right amount of sparkle. 

The ideal pair for this outfit is a pair of silk pajamas, but you can upgrade and pair it with a pink silk dress or a silk co-ord set for your night on the town. Or match your outfit with your hair accessories and go sparkly all the way!

Retro Chic: 90’s Blow-Out And Tinsel 

DIY hairstyle tinsel
Bouncy and Flouncy!

Voluminous hair is always fashionable and is the best way to add to any look with a degree of playfulness. This year’s most popular haircut has been layered with bangs, and following through with that trend, the best DIY hairstyle for your NYE is a 90’s blowout with all the movement and dimension you could imagine with some shine. 

  • After washing your hair, use a light mousse or volumizing product. 
  • Diffuse your hair if it is curly or wavy till 2/3rd of the way dry. 
  • Get a blow dryer and a brush, or simply a hot air brush, and start to section your hair. 
  • Gently move through the hair sections while ensuring that you are combing and drying in an outward direction. You may need some assistance if this is your first time. 
  • After you have completed going through all your hair, pick up the front pieces and blow dry them upwards to give them more volume. 
  • Turn your head over and tousle the hair to add a fuller look. Then, pick up a piece of tinsel. 
  • Fold it in half, knot it around a couple of strands of hair closest to the root, and place them over your head. Make sure you cover the entire scalp from the front to the back.

Your best skin-tight jeans and a sexy top are the way to go for this DIY hairstyle. Own your attitude and your beauty with this simple yet fun look! 

Glitter Pixie Dust 

DIY hairstyle glitter
Sparkling Night

The simplest and craziest yet the most unique and most glam look you should DIY this New Year’s is a short pixie cut with loads of glitter. If your hair is already short or if you are choosing to wear a wig, this DIY hairstyle works for you, too. 

  • Install your wig or wash your natural short, pixie hair. 
  • Section it off into many top knots, bantu buns, space buns or leave it as is. The world is your oyster.  
  • Get a spray-on glitter in a fun color and spray it all over the hair; go crazy and enjoy the process. However, ensure it is safe for your skin by doing a patch test beforehand. 

This DIY hairstyle deserves a fun makeup look to go with it. Add some diamonds and wear your sparkliest outfit. You deserve to look glamorous and shiny this New Year’s Eve.


Try any of these DIY hairstyles to add something extra to your New Year’s Eve look and dazzle everyone with the aura you give off. You deserve to look and feel incredible while waltzing into 2024. It is your year, and everyone is cheering you on from the sidelines. Flaunt your natural style and be confident in your sense of self; you are beautiful! And remember to carry that energy into the next year as well. Happy New Year to you! 

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