Bellami Vs Indique- Which Hair Extension Brand Deserves Your Money?

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Hair extensions are the best way to explore your sense of style without making a long-term commitment. However, choosing the right hair extension brand is essential to ensure you are giving the best bet for your money and getting the most natural while flattering look. Quality, price, and variety are essential when deciding which hair extension brand best suits your needs. 

This is the ultimate showdown between two of the best brands: Bellami and Indique. Which of their hair extensions is suitable for you, and which brand should you choose to accompany you on your next fashion adventure? After reading this blog, you are sure to make your decision without any hesitation. 

Comparing Bellami And Indique 

hair extension brand indique
Indique Hair Extensions

Bellami and Indique are leading brands in the hair extension industry; this blog compares the two based on three main deciding factors: quality, price, and variety of the products and the brand in general. 


Bellami hair extensions, like Indique hair extensions, are made of human hair. However, their type of human hair differs since Bellami hair extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair and Indique of 100% virgin Remy Indian human hair. So what is the difference? 

  • Virgin hair is unprocessed and undamaged. It has never been colored or treated with any sort of ingredients. It is considered the best as it blends in with your natural hair and is the softest and most lustrous feeling.
  • Chemical or heat treatment can cause the hair to look brittle, and undamaged hair retains color better and takes treatment more effectively. Therefore, it is the ideal choice regarding the material for hair extensions. 
  • Remy hair is hair that is removed with its cuticle intact and placed in the same direction. They are aligned naturally to give the most flawless look and make it shiny. 
  • The uni-lateral cuticle placement allows it to last longer as it is not as prone to tangles and pulling due to those tangles. 
  • Moreover, Indian hair means a hair extension with a higher protein content and, hence, stronger than regular hair extensions. 

Therefore, Virgin Remy Hair is the best choice for a hair extension brand to use when manufacturing an extension. And they are the best choice for a hair extension brand. 


The price difference between the two brands is minimal as both brands are priced around the same range. Meanwhile, Bellami is slightly more expensive than Indique. Certain factors decide what a hair extension is to be priced at. Authenticity and craftsmanship mixed with the manufacturing procedure determine the price. 

  • Both the extensions are sourced ethically from various parts of South and Southeast Asia. 
  • Adhering to ethical standards and avoiding the exploitation of the underprivileged allows the product to be morally clean, and hence, the price is slightly higher for both brands. 
  • Each Indique hair extension is sourced from one individual. Therefore, you will surely get clean cuticle alignment from a single donor. 
  • The hair extension brand steams the hair, which tempers it, ensuring any styling done to it lasts longer effortlessly. It is treated to get the best result for ease of styling. 
  • Bellami hair extensions are equally resilient and versatile. Due to their higher price, they may be the second choice as one gets the same quality for a lower price with the hair extension brand Indique. 

However, it is essential to understand that the price dynamic depends on the style, length, color and texture of the hair extension that you wish for. Both hair extension brands offer longevity, luster and natural volume. 


hair extension brand variety
Indique’s Variety Of Extensions

Both hair extension brands offer a variety of lengths, colors and styles for their hair extensions. 

  • From virgin hair dyed to be a different color to hair available after steam styling to get the desired texture, the world is your oyster regarding hair extensions from these two leading brands. 
  • Indique and Bellami have collaborated with celebrity hair stylists to have their products rock the red carpet at esteemed events like the Met in the form of their ponytail hair extensions and regular hair extensions to add volume and length to their natural hair. 
  • Hair extension brands are catered to suit the needs of their client, and therefore, as per the demands of the buyer, each brand has its variety of hair extensions. Both these hair extension brands offer numerous quality hair extensions to suit your lifestyle. 

However, Indique offers pre-styled textured hair extensions in every style and shape you wish. 


hair extensions brand styling
Styling Indique Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an investment in the long run; therefore, investing in these products from either of these hair extension brands is the right step. However, if you are looking for a more affordable product that is more client-centered, then Indique is the right brand for you. Indique offers a more personalized approach that is unique to the client. Check out their websites today to find the best fit for you in hair extensions and hair extension brands. 

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