Beyond Basics: Creative Ways to Style Your Ponytail Hairpiece

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Adding volume to your ponytails has always been challenging with ponytail hairpieces. It is natural to feel like your everyday hairstyle lacks the glamour to wear outside the house. However, after reading this blog, you will never have to wonder how to upgrade this basic hairstyle and make it stylish. 

Ponytail hair is made to add length and volume to your natural ponytail, and it can be attached using clips that are 100% concealed. They add bounce and give the illusion of healthy and fuller hair. Have you ever had a bad haircut and needed to regain confidence by revamping your look easily and quickly? Try a ponytail extension and be amazed at the results. 

Here are a few creative and easy ways to style your ponytail to make it look stylish and glamorous for every event. 

Slicked Back 

slicked back DIY ponytail
A Slicked Back Ponytail

The perfect red carpet hair is a slicked-back ponytail. No wonder this hairstyle is every celebrity’s go-to, as it makes you look put together in every situation. This style helps give a natural facelift and helps highlight your sharp jawline. 

Here is how you can achieve this simple yet edgy look:

  • Grab all of your natural hair into a ponytail and tie it at the top of your head because it will eventually shift down and get looser. So make sure it is tight and high. 
  • Take all the baby hair and gell it down using a hair gel, spray or any product of your choice. 
  • Add your clip-in ponytail extension to your natural ponytail to add length and volume. Adjust it to be comfortable. 

If you want to add more movement to your hair, curl your ponytail using a curling wand and add texture to the hair. It looks best when styled as straight and sleek, though. Pair this look with your sparkliest dress, some dangly earrings and a bold lip to bring in a glamour-filled New Year. 

High Bun With Side Pieces 

Ponytail hair extensions are not only helpful to add volume to ponytails but can also add volume to your buns. Instead of opting for a hair donut, adding ponytail hair extensions when making your bun can help give the much needed volume when styling. A high bun is an elegant and classy way to add finesse to any casual look.

Here is how you can achieve that result

  • Start by taking your natural hair and putting it in a ponytail. Add your clip-in ponytail extension and secure it tightly using hair ties and bobby pins. 
  • Leave out two small sections of hair equal to the diameter of a pencil. 
  • Twist the rest of the hair and turn it into a tight bun on the top of your head. Again, this will get loose over time, so don’t worry if you feel like you look odd. 
  • If you want a sleeker look, stick it down using any gel-like product. 
  • Take the two front hair pieces and curly them loosely to sit perfectly on your face. 

Don’t take out the front two pieces if you want a more defined and pulled-back look. This look deserves a pair of diamond studs, a gorgeous black outfit, and heels to pull it all together. 

Waved And Voluminous 

wavy DIY ponytail hairstyle
Wavy Ponytail

Create a bouncier and fuller look using ponytail hair extensions. Elevate a simple ponytail and make it more voluminous by adding a clip-in ponytail hairpiece and some easy tousled waves. It is a fun look for a day out with your girls. 

Here is how you can look effortless using this hairstyle: 

  • Grab your hair and put it into a tight ponytail. Add your clip-in ponytail hairpiece. 
  • Take a few strands out from the front, and make sure they are not larger than the diameter of a knitting needle, as it may cause the hair to look chunky. 
  • Take a curling iron or a straightener and create gentle waves in the ponytail. If they are too tight, use your fingers to comb through them and open the curls. 
  • Loosen the ponytail slightly until comfortable. 

This hairstyle is perfect for a Sunday brunch or a beach day when you are sporting a flowy sundress, rocking a pair of flats, and some seashell jewelry! 

Half Updo 

For a casual yet edgy look, a half updo is one of the easiest yet best ways to upgrade your style and add some dimension to your everyday look. Ponytail hair extensions can be added to a half-updo to add volume in the front and make the hair look healthier. 

Here is how you can achieve this fuller look:

  • Section your hair into two, one from the crown and the other below. Make sure the two portions are close to being equal. 
  • Take the top portion near the crown and make a ponytail using the hair. Add your clip-in ponytail hair to the ponytail. 

A half updo is an easy way to look youthful yet gathered if you are ready to go to a concert. Pair this hairstyle with fun, bejeweled makeup and a dungaree to rock out like a popstar! 

Long And Braided 

DIY ponytail hairstyle braids
Braiding A Ponytail

Braided Ponytail hair can add volume and length to your hair. Most people have hoped for longer hair at some point in their lives but haven’t been able to grow it out for whatever reason. A ponytail extension is ideal for you. 

While adding length, you can also add some style by adding braids to it. From French braids to mermaid braids, you can experiment with various braids to see which suits you best. They can start at the crown and extend all the way down or just on the ponytail’s length. 

  • Start with putting your hair into a ponytail and clipping your ponytail hair into it. 
  • Then, braid your hair as you want to add some spice! 

It is a simple yet effective way to take this simple hairstyle to a higher level. 


Adding style to your everyday life does not have to be complicated or expensive. It can be easy and cost-effective to do so using ponytail hair bundles. Whatever length, texture, or color of hair you desire, you will find hair bundles in that style. 

This New Year and festive season, you deserve a gift too. Give yourself the gift of style with ponytail hairpiece so you never have to return to a mundane and boring ponytail ever again! 

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