Care For Your Hair: 5 Benefits of a Hot Oil Massage You Need To Know Today!

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Winter makes hair dry and the scalp itchy and irritated. Hot oil massages are an age-old practice and a favorite hair care technique for many South Asian grandmothers. It promotes healthy hair and is excellent for boosting overall hair health. Passed down over generations, this practice is a routine for many individuals. 

Hair health and hair care are gaining more importance as the year’s progress, and therefore, hair oiling is being explored by many others. This arising curiosity deserves to be addressed so you can derive the most benefits from this simple yet effective process. 

Through this blog, explore what benefits hot oil massages can give you and how to oil your hair properly for the best results and healthiest, most lustrous hair. The correct techniques and generational secrets are yours to use and improve on! 

What Is A Hot Oil Massage?

hair care with oil
Olive Oil For Hair Care

A hot oil massage is a hair care technique using lukewarm oil that is massaged into the scalp to penetrate the cuticles. Using plant-based, natural oils like coconut, olive, mustard, and other oils has been a common practice over the years.

However, some oils block pores and irritate specific individuals’ skin, especially those with psoriasis or eczema. Consult a dermatologist before trying these DIY solutions to dry and brittle hair. 

Be cautious of the oil you are using, as occasionally, when synthetic ingredients are mixed into natural oils, it may irritate. Therefore, conduct a patch test on your arm to ensure safety. 

How To Do A Hot Oil Massage?

hair care for healthy hair
Oiling Your Hair Regularly For Hydration

Use these steps on the day you wish to wash your hair or the day before to have a successful hair care day. 

  • Scoop out 2-6 tablespoons of your chosen oil, preferably natural oils such as coconut, almond, olive, or jojoba oil. 
  • Add the spoonfuls into a bowl and fill a pan with water. Add the bowl to the water to create a double boiler. 
  • Use your finger to test the temperature. Do not burn yourself, and be cautious while testing the oil. 
  • Take the bowl out of the water using a washcloth or oven mitt. 
  • Comb your hair thoroughly using a wide-toothed comb to cause minor breakage and hair fall. 
  • Use cotton swabs and dab the oil into the scalp after sectioning the hair. Make sure to cover the entire scalp. 

Pro tip: Use a towel or old piece of clothing draped over your shoulder to prevent your clothes from getting dirty or smelling strongly like oil. 

  • After going over the entire hair with the swab, use your fingers to massage the oil into the scalp so it can penetrate the cuticles and the moisture can reach the hair to its core. 
  • Make circular motions with your fingers, and ensure you are not using your nails. Do this for 5-10 minutes.
  • Wrap the hair up into a bun or tie it into a tight braid to give it time to give the hair back its moisture correctly. 
  • Leave it on for 24 hours and wash it off using your regular shampoo. Ensure to rub the scalp well, as the oil may be stubborn, and if it is not washed off, it will leave a greasy look. 

It is not recommended to leave the oil on for more than a few hours, especially for those with oily scalps, as it may clog the pores and form a thin layer on the scalp, causing problems. 

Benefits Of A Hot Oil Massage 

Hair Care hydration
Hydrated Hair With Oiling

Hot oil massages are excellent for many hair care needs. 

  • Adds nourishment back to the hair: Using a moisturizing ingredient like a natural oil is great for the hair as it ensures nourishment using the various nutrients derived from the oil.  
  • Leaves you with lustrous and shiny hair: Oil has a glossy feel, and therefore, once you apply it, it leaves your hair with the most natural-looking shine and feel. Luster is added back to the hair so easily. 
  • Boosts hair growth: Once you massage the scalp, the cuticles and hair shafts are stimulated, causing your hair to grow quicker and healthier. It makes the roots of the hair healthy, adding to the growth speed. 
  • Prevents dryness and gives you strong hair: Hot oil massages pull the ultimate hair care move and treat dandruff as the massaging process removes dry skin flakes. It deeply moisturizes the hair, leaving you with stronger hair from the root. It replenishes it with vital vitamins that make it nutrient-dense, strengthening it. 
  • Adds thickness and prevents hair fall: Since the hair becomes healthy at the root using oiling, it is less likely to fall out in bunches. You can also prevent split ends by applying a little oil on the end. All the damage caused by hair products is reversed using a hot oil massage 1-2 times a week.


Hot oil massages can be done at home as DIY treatments or at the salon. They come as ready-made concoctions infused with many nutrient-dense oils, or you can make your mixture at home using the ingredients that suit you. If your hair is filthy, the oil may not absorb as well, so keep that in mind when oiling. Incorporate this age-old technique into your hair care routine for the healthiest and shinest hair!

If you want to add length and volume to your hair but hair oiling and hair care are taking time to show results, try hair extensions. Explore various brands like Indique that mix affordability with comfort and quality to give you the best results and look as you embark on your hair growth journey. 

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