Hairstyle Tutorials Inspired From Black Women-Led Movies

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Hair is an expression of your style and personality. This medium deserves a revamp this New Year. In this blog, explore the most iconic hairstyles from black women-led movies and learn how you can do them at home. These hairstyles are back in fashion and you must know how to do them to experience your highest style game. 

A hairstyle tutorial for each style is what you will find today. These hairstyles are ranked for you to find your perfect fit while also exploring what the most versatile, easy, yet gorgeous looks are. Here are the top four picks for iconic hairstyles from black women-led movies for you to personalise. 

Princess And The Frog 

A movie that set the style precedent for years to come. Aqua became the new black, and everyone wanted to flaunt a tiara and look like the drop-dead gorgeous princess Tiana. However, her long and gorgeous waves were the center of attention as her top knot bun was the perfect blend of effortless yet stylish. 

Here is how to replicate that look using this hair tutorial:

  • Take all of your hair and curl it using a styling wand to create waves if your hair is straight. 
  • Tie the hair into a loose top knot bun. However, ensure that the rubberband is tight and secure. The bun should sit on the top of your head. 
  • Pull out a few strands from the side and curl them to give a face-framing look. 
  • Add a tiara to add extra finesse to the look. 

This effortless look is too easy to carry out, and that is why it sits at number 4, losing points only because of its simplistic hair tutorial. Pair this look with your most glamorous outfit or pajamas; the world is your style oyster. 

The Hate U Give 

box braids hairstyle tutorial

The plot of this movie can bring anyone to tears, showing the tragic reality young black individuals face in society. The identity crisis the character faces growing up is a common experience felt by most children of color. However, through this struggle, the protagonist’s hair reflects her roots and shows that she is grounded in her culture. 

Cornrows are deeply ingrained in African culture because of their history. While they are not an easy hairstyle to replicate as their meaning is deeper rooted than just style-based, this is an attempt to give a hairstyle tutorial for this hair. 

  • Get a tail comb and moisturize your hair using a light oil. Apply hairspray on the hair. 
  • Part the hair into smaller sections starting from the crown. 
  • Divide each section into three and begin braiding close to the scalp. 
  • As you braid, add a small section of hair to give the effect of a braid emerging from your scalp. 
  • Make sure to detangle as you go and secure the ends using a small elastic band if you are a beginner. 
  • Repeat this until you complete braiding all your hair. 

This hairstyle tutorial is for beginners, and as you grow more experienced, the process of braiding and the technique will become like muscle memory. With the star of the movie, even you deserve to stay in touch with your roots and explore your sense of self through the lens of your culture. 

Black Panther 

hair tutorial bald
Shaved Hair

At number 2 the most iconic style from a female-powered movie, the Wakandan tribes women flaunt some stunning looks in the entire movie. However, the most memorable one is Dora Milaje’s shaved head with tattoos to represent their culture. 

While this look does not require a detailed hairstyle tutorial, it is important to highlight this versatile and unique look is sure to make you stand out. 

If you opt for a buzzcut, color the remaining hair with fun colors to give an eclectic look. If you go fully bald, try new accessories and style yourself in a bold and edgy way to bring focus to the hair and your style. 

Versatile and flexible, if at any point you want to have a fuller head of hair, add a wig with fun colors and styles and try out new low commitment ays to style yourself and be fashionable in every moment. 


hair tutorial curly hair
Curly Afro Hair

Whitney Houston is an icon in and of herself just because of the way she styles and carries herself. ‘Black’ Cinderella opened new doors for women of color in fairytales like never before. It paved the way for movies like The ‘Little Mermaid’ to have a cast with a black woman lead and no fingers raised. 

Houston played the role of the fairy godmother, and she truly encapsulated that feeling and look. That is why her look in Cinderella is the top pick for you to try. This movie opened a world for young children of color to feel welcomed in the sphere of fairytales and see representation.

Young girls had always seen Cinderella as a blonde-haired, fair-skinned girl, and little girls saw a new version of the princess and the godmother in this rendition of the movie. Long, straight hair was replaced with a big, beautiful, curly afro. Most girls of color have struggled with their hair texture and done repeated procedures to ensure it can look the way they have seen on TV. However, owning your natural hair is a task most fail to accomplish. So in that case you can use coily curly hair extensions and try this look with them.

Here is the hairstyle tutorial you need for your natural hair dreams: 

  • Wash your hair using a gentle, clarifying yet moisturizing shampoo and condition it using a lightweight yet hydrating product.
  • Diffuse the hair or use a microfiber towel to dry it. Use a leave-in conditioner. 
  • Once 2/3rd dry, use a light oil and let your hair do its magic and dry. 

If you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, embrace it with your heart using this routine and be amazed at the results.


Try these easy hairstyle tutorials to fully embrace the woman power you hold and embrace your feminine energy to feel strong and independent. Hair is an expression of your freedom, and you deserve to experience this feeling to the fullest. Try all of these hairstyle tutorials today and be amazed at the influence hair has on your confidence.

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