How To Style Your Hair Extensions With Different Sweater Necklines?

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This is not a drill! It is officially sweater season, meaning new outfits and styles to explore. Unfortunately, for many people, winter also means the season of hair fall. Therefore, a blend of hair extensions and your coziest sweater is perfect for giving you a voluminous and comfortable look for this winter. 

Each neckline has a different requirement for a hairstyle, depending on what part you want to highlight or conceal. Do simple necklines work the best with complicated hairstyles? Or do simple necklines work best with simple hairstyles? This blog explores how to style your hair extensions with each sweater neckline to give the most flattering and complete look. 

Hot And Sultry: V-Neck Sweaters 

long hair extensions
Long Hair, Don’t Care

V-neck sweaters perfectly embody a woman’s divine feminine with a flattering cut and deserve an equally sultry hairstyle. Try long textured waves with volume to complete this look and add heat to your winter season. 

To do this hairstyle:

  • Install your hair extensions into your hair. 
  • Add a texture spray to add volume. 
  • Curl the hair using a styling tool and comb through the curls using your fingers. 
  • Add a light oil to give the hair some shine. 

Tie this look together with a small necklace and a pair of fashionable sunglasses to embrace the bold side of yourself. 

Classic Timeless: Round Neck Sweaters

The most common sweater neckline that perfectly shows off your neck is round. These classic and timeless necklines deserve a hairstyle that compliments them elegantly. A half updo is ideal for this style. 

  • Install your hair extensions to add more length and volume so that even after you split your hair, it looks fuller. 
  • Split your hair into two sections, one at the crown and one below. 
  • Tie off the hair at the crown into a loose bun. Pull some strands from the front to make it lie effortlessly on your face and frame it. 

This hairstyle allows you to show off your collarbones and flatter them. Pair this sweater and hairstyle with denim jeans and ankle-length boots to exude comfort and elegance.

High And Mighty: Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtleneck sweaters are either your best friend or your worst enemy. However, when appropriately styled, they are the best companion for your winter adventures. Therefore, it deserves a fun and flexible hairstyle. A high pony with hair extensions allows you to have volume and look mighty. 

  • Install your hair extensions. 
  • Grab the hair’s volume and tie it to the highest point you can get it to. 
  • Slick it back for a sleek and sophisticated look, or pull out a few strands to loosen it for a more relaxed and chic look. 

The warmth combined with class, a signature black turtleneck is perfect for every night out. Pair this sweater with a trench coat, black pants, and thigh-high boots for an all-black polished look. 

Cosy Blended Chic: Cowl Neck Sweaters

hair extensions bun sweater
Cowl Neck And High Buns

Cowl necks are cozy yet stylish sweater necklines. They grab so much attention away from the face that they must be paired with a simple hairstyle‚Äč that lets the sweater shine. A simple slicked-back bun is ideal for a cowl neck. 

  • Install your hair extensions to make a more significant and more prominent bun. 
  • Grab the hair and make a low ponytail. Ensure that it is tight and sliced back cleanly. 
  • Rotate the ponytail around your hand and tie it into a tight bun. 
  • Secure it using bobby pins and some hair spray or gel. 

Let the neckline shine as you effortlessly and harmoniously tie together comfort with style. Skin-tight jeans and a pair of dangly earrings are the most trendy pair for this sweater. 

Effortlessly Elegant: Boat Neck Sweaters

Boat neck sweaters and defined collarbones exude sophistication and grace; a classy neckline like that requires a classy yet fun hairstyle. Something that draws attention to your gorgeous shoulders while highlighting your long neck. A side pony is a match for this neckline. 

  • After installing your hair extensions, tie the hair into a ponytail on the side of your head. 
  • If your hair is in layers and continuously falls out from the opposite side, use a hairspray and a spoolie to tame the hair down. 
  • If you wish to, add a hairband or a smaller braid down the ponytail to give it an extra touch of jazz.

A skin-tight boat-neck sweater can be tied together with a pair of straight-legged jeans and combat boots to give off an edgy yet elegant vibe. 

Messy Yet Put Together: Hoodies 

hair extensions styling
High Up Bun

While hoodies are not technically sweaters, they are most people’s go-to comfort pieces of clothing for the winter. Even if you are spending a day at home in front of the television, you deserve to look your best. A simple, messy bun is its best pair since a hoodie has too much going on at the neck.

  • Hair extensions can add volume to your natural hair and give the messy updo more dimension. 
  • Tie your hair into a high bun, pull out a few strands and make it loose. 
  • Curl the front pieces and add texture spray to make the hair look more put together. 

Cozy pajamas, hot chocolate, and your warmest blanket are the ideal scenarios for this winter and this hairstyle. 


Hair extensions are a versatile and flexible tool that adds volume or length to your natural hair and gives it the oomph factor it needs. Combine comfort with style using these easy hairstyles for each sweater, and feel your best for this new year. 

Indique and other global brands allow you to re-innovate your style and personality with quality and affordable products. Try these hairstyles this winter season to give the most flattering pair to your sweaters so they can shine in all their glory. 

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