Indique Hair Extensions: A Love Of Celebrities!

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When it comes to looking flawless and turning heads on the red carpet, celebrities spare no expense. From designer gowns to exquisite jewelry, they always strive for perfection. One aspect that contributes significantly to their glamorous looks is their hair. 

Many celebrities choose Indique hair extensions, a premier brand known for its high-quality and versatile products. This blog will explore some notable celebrities who have proudly flaunted their Indique hair extensions at various events, leaving us all in awe.

Rihanna at the Met Gala 2022:

Riri made statement

Rihanna, known for her ability to set trends and push fashion boundaries, once again captivated the audience at the Met Gala 2022 with her awe-inspiring style. 

As she entered the red carpet, all eyes were on her as she showcased a breathtaking gown, flawlessly paired with a stunning hairstyle.

Her long, luscious curls stole the spotlight, revealing that Rihanna had opted for Indique hair extensions in their Bounce Collection to achieve this show-stopping look. 

The high-quality extensions seamlessly blended with her natural hair, effortlessly adding volume and length. The result was a mesmerizing hairstyle that beautifully highlighted Rihanna’s overall appearance, leaving everyone in awe.

Kela Walker At The Met Gala 2023:

Walking with grace

Kela Walker stole the spotlight at the highly anticipated Met Gala 2023, captivating the audience with her impeccable style and attention to detail. 

From head to toe, she effortlessly commanded attention and left a lasting impression. One of the key elements that contributed to her stunning overall look was her choice of Indique hair extensions.

Kela opted for Indique’s beloved bounce coil curls, a popular choice known for its luxurious and voluminous texture. These extensions complement her glamorous ensemble, adding an extra touch of elegance and sophistication. 

The bounce coil curls seamlessly blended with her natural hair, creating a flawless, polished appearance that turned heads and garnered admiration.

Zendaya At The Grammys 2015:

Indique extensions for short hair too!

Zendaya made a stunning appearance at the Grammys 2015, where she took the opportunity to debut a bold and stylish new look. The global icon surprised everyone by showcasing a fresh pixie cut, a drastic departure from her previously long and flowing locks. 

To achieve this transformative hairstyle, Zendaya turned to Indique hair extensions, renowned for their versatility and quality. Zendaya’s decision to pair her pixie cut with Indique hair extensions demonstrated her willingness to experiment and embrace change. 

The Indique extensions seamlessly blended with her natural hair, enhancing the texture and volume of her cropped style. This collaboration made Zendaya effortlessly rock her new look, inspiring fans and fashion enthusiasts.

Ariana Grande’s Vogue Cover Video Performance:

I see it I like it!

In 2019, Ariana Grande graced the cover of Vogue magazine and delivered a captivating performance of her song “in my head” in a special video feature. Known for her signature ponytail hairstyle, Ariana took her look to the next level with the help of Indique Pure Straight hair extensions, enhancing her iconic style.

During the Vogue cover video performance, Ariana showcased a sleek and voluminous high ponytail that perfectly complemented her glamorous and sophisticated image. 

The added length and thickness achieved with Indique hair extensions elevated her ponytail, making it even more eye-catching and dramatic.

Indique’s high-quality extensions seamlessly blended with Ariana’s natural hair, creating a flawless and cohesive look. 

The extensions provided the desired length and volume while maintaining a natural appearance, allowing Ariana to exude confidence and elegance throughout her performance.

Angela Simmons’ Iconic Collaboration:

A collab of fashion

In 2012, Angela Simmons teamed up with Indique Hair to create a unique line of hair extensions called Angela Simmons by Indique Hair.

This collaboration resulted in the creation of a remarkable line of extensions known as “Bikini.” The Bikini line features a multi-textured wave pattern meticulously designed to emulate beach-ready hair’s stunning and effortless appearance. 

With its unique blend of textures, the Bikini extensions offer versatility and a touch of glamour to enhance any hairstyle. Here’s what Simmons had to say,

“Through my love of beauty, I created a texture that allows me to change my look as often as I want. My collection is fresh and chic! This piece is a perfect mix of my favorite textures, created by alternating sections of Indique Hair using an innovative blending process.”

The Angela Simmons by Indique Hair line became synonymous with sophisticated yet effortless style, allowing individuals to effortlessly transform their hair and exude confidence.


Indique Hair Extensions is the secret behind celebrities’ glamorous looks and the go-to brand for beauty enthusiasts worldwide. The brand’s commitment to quality, ethical sourcing, and customer satisfaction sets it apart from other brands. 

Indique Hair Extensions offers a wide range of hair extension types, excellent customer service, and educational resources to ensure customers always look their best. If you’re looking to enhance your hair length, volume, and style, Indique Hair Extensions is the brand to choose. 

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