No-No: 6 Things To Avoid When It Comes To Your Lace Wig

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Wigs have now made their way to the forefront of the fashion game and are no longer a hidden beauty gem reserved for some. Embracing the versatility and flexibility they bring to your style game is going to be only advantageous to you. Wigs work as a tool to explore your self-expression and experiment with your style game in a low-commitment way. 

Lace wigs are the most natural kind of wigs that involve synthetic or real human hair woven onto a lace that is sheer. This wig can be worn over the scalp like a cap and gives an easily blendable hairline and a flawless look most similar to your natural hairline. 

There are some mistakes that one may make when styling and caring for their lace wig. Here are 6 complete no-nos that can damage your wig beyond repair. 

Mistake 1: Braiding Improperly

lace wig braiding
Taking Care Of Your Lace Wig
  • Braiding is essential to ensure a comfortable fit that does not look lumpy in the end. Preparing your hair in the right way before application using cornrows is a great way to get a flawless look. 
  • Small and narrow cornrows are preferred over bulky and thick cornrows. The thinner the braids, the better the result. Grab small sections of hair and braid rather than larger sections, even though that is easier to do. 
  • The hair should lie flat under the cap, and the braids should go straight back, laying down a flat foundation. A good wig can easily be ruined using improper braiding techniques.  

Mistake 2: Lace Wig Cap Size And Wig Style

  • After investing in a wig, finding out it does not fit is a shocking and upsetting situation, and to avoid that, refer to a wig cap size guide to find the best cap size for you that gives you comfort. 
  • A loose wig cap will constantly slide back and irritate. A small wig cap will give you a headache and make your head feel constricted and tight. 
  • Measure the circumference of your head to get the most flattering look. Small, medium, and large are the 3 standard sizes that go from 21.5 inches to 22.5 and then 23.5, respectively.
  • However, it is best to visit a salon in person or a store so professionals can find the best size for you if you are looking for a wearable wig that you can flaunt every day. 
  • Moreover, if you want an everyday wig, choose a wig style and texture that is most similar to your natural hair since it can be styled as you wish. 
  • An eclectic color might be great for special events, but a more wearable wig should ideally be your first purchase. However, wigs are a way to experiment, so do what your heart desires ultimately! 

Mistake 3: Placing Your Lace Wig

lace wig fitting
Choosing The Right Lace Wig For You
  • When applying your lace wig, there are two mistakes: misusing wig tape and placing your wig in a weird position. 
  • If the wig is placed too forward, it will look very unnatural, and the wig will not imitate a natural hairline. If the wig is placed too far back, it will expose your natural hair and will not blend. 
  • After using your hairline as a reference point, place the wig slightly ahead of it since it slides back upon application. That would be your ideal placement. 
  • Wig tapes and adhesives should be used sparingly so they do not ruin the lace or look too artificial.

Mistake 4: Over-Plucking And Bleaching

  • The goal of a lace wig is to look natural and blend in with your hairline, but plucking the hair allows you to get rid of the knots on the lace that give a very disorganized look. 
  • When plucking or tweezing the wig’s hairline, remember not to overpluck, as that may give it an unnatural and patchy look that does not mimic your hairline at all. 
  • Don’t go over one section repeatedly when tweezing, as that could be an expensive procedure to fix and repair. Better to be plucked slowly and carefully so as to not overdo it. 
  • These knots can be bleached as well. However, the bleach should be thick and applied only for 45-60 minutes as over-bleaching may also damage the lace and degrade its quality.

Mistake 5: Cutting Your Lace Too Straight

  • Unless you are familiar with cutting the lace off, it is better to visit a professional to cut it since only a few centimeters have to be taken off the lace, and the technique used takes practice. 
  • Use cuticle scissors for a more precise cut, but ensure that you cut it in a zig-zag pattern and not too straight, as it may look unnatural. 
  • Moreover, a thinner lace will make it easier to blend the hair with the lace. It melts into the hair, and there is no distinguishable line. 

Mistake 6: Using The Wrong Products For Lace Wig Care 

right products for your lace wig
Washing Your Lace Wig With The Right Products
  • Ensure that you double your products before using them to wash or style your lace wig, as some products may not be safe for the hair of the wig or the lace. 
  • Proper wig care is essential to give the most flattering look and to keep your wig healthy. Especially, if you are using adhesives to secure your wig, they must be removed from the wig so it can stay healthy. 
  • When using heat, make sure you use a good quality heat protectant to protect the strands. Use light oils to keep the hair looking lustrous and shiny. 


When investing in a lace wig, quality and affordability are important; however, when dealing with your wig, you must also be careful and avoid these 6 common mistakes so you can keep your wig looking healthy and get the most flattering look to benefit you. 

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