RuPaul’s Drag Race: Iconic Hair Wig Moments From The Competition

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RuPaul’s Drag Race has completed over 200 episodes and is still one of the most iconic TV shows with one of the largest fan followings in TV history. Hundreds of drag queens have completed and shown off their creative side with stunning looks. Each look carries a meaning to each queen, and therefore, they are even more extraordinary. 

Watching the drag queens put effort into coming up with a look that can wow the judges and the audience is an exciting and engaging process. Using their heavy-duty professional makeup skills and hair wigs of all shapes and colors, they are able to pull together a flawless look. 

Here are the most iconic hair wig moments from RuPaul’s Drag Race history so you can also feel like a queen when you try these out. 

Raja in Fabulous Drag in Season 3, Episode 5

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Hair Wigs To Complete Your Look

This Marie Antoinette-inspired look got everyone’s applause, and rightfully so. The platinum blonde hair wig that was fluffed out to look bigger and more 1700’s was perfect to pull together this look. 

A fontanage was a trademark of the 18th century, and when mixed with dyes of pink and green hues, Raja was able to pull off an eclectic, jaw-dropping look. 

Partnered with a corset, black gloves and exquisite jewelry, this look was a complete recreation of what history imagined Mary Antoinette as, just more fun.

Aquaria in the Final Four Eleganza Extravaganza in Season 10, Episode 12

Gorgeous, blown-out hair accompanied by a star-laden dress in the colors of black and silver. Criss-crossed stripes of black accompanied by a 613 blonde hair wig with grey highlights giving volume and swept to one side to give height. 

The waves and big earrings pulled the look together and completed it, an ode to American traditions; Aquaria looked like the poster of what the Star Spangled Banner would look like if it were a drag queen. 

A quality hair wig is easy to add volume to. The length of the hair was a perfect combination of feminine yet manageable, and that is the beauty of wigs and their versatility. 

Lineysha Sparx in Dumpster Diving Hollywood Glamour in Season 5, Episode 1

hair wigs on rupaul drag race
Rupauls Drag Race Hair Looks

Perfectly showcasing how flexible hair wigs are, a pump was the central feature of this hair wig. Brown hair made extraordinary using pink highlights and an accentuated pouf. Exaggeration is the name of the game in a drag race. 

Lineysha flaunted that hair with utmost confidence as the hair aided her and tied together a relatively simple yet glamorous outfit. Pink foil, fur, and a long burgundy dress were pulled together using her creative hair. 

Symone in Trains For Days in Season 13, Episode 4

With her kinky curly hair covered in a multicolored pastel silk bonnet, Symone paid homage to black culture, and she celebrated that on stage using her teal jumpsuit made fashionable using a matching bedazzled corset. 

Silk bonnets are an integral part of caring for kinky afro hair, which is the prominent hair type in the Black community. In African regions like Ghana, they were called dukus and doek, and they helped women protect their hair from harsh weather or breakage when sleeping. 

Symone has pulled off incredible styles throughout her season, and each one has left the judges and audience awestruck. Paying an ode to her culture while embracing the modern world has been her trademark. 

Shea Couleé in Love The Skin You’re In in Season 5, Episode 2

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Adding Pizzazz With A Hair Wig

Donning a bejeweled version of her natural skin, Shea Couleé aimed to interpret ‘The Birth Of Venus’ by Sando Botticelli but made it black. Venus, who was a Roman goddess of sex, love, beauty, and fertility, was her inspiration. 

Completing this look with a simple afro, kinky short hair wig in its most natural form to embrace her skin and her birth suit. A gorgeous head of natural black curly hair and gold jewels mixed with her chocolate brown skin made her look exquisite and goddess-like. 


Drag Queens require versatile tools that can be molded according to their needs and the needs of their particular looks. Since each look will have its unique requirements and technique of styling, a hair wig has to be available in every shape and color. 

There is an insurmountable need for skill in these competitions, and the process is a tedious one. Therefore, the queens deserve tools that are able to help them while reducing the effort they have to put into styling since they are concerned about their dresses and makeup, too. 

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