Snowflakes? Why Is Your Hair Dealing With Dandruff And How To Fix It?

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Have you been finding small, white flakes on your T-shirts? Has your scalp been itching more than usual? Dandruff, a common scalp condition experienced by many, can be embarrassing to some and challenging to treat. While it is not contagious, it can be a problem in the later years if not treated. Therefore, tackling this problem early on is the best solution.

The problem can be lifelong and requires a dandruff cure. Moreover, males or people with a compromised nervous system are more likely to experience the problem. This blog explores how you can fix the problem, return to having long and lustrous hair, and stop feeling embarrassed or conscious whenever you wear darker clothes. 

Why Could You Be Experiencing Dandruff?

hair care for dandruff
Experiencing Dandruff?

Skin Conditions 

If you suffer from seborrheic dermatitis or contact dermatitis, it is very typical to have bad dandruff. A chronic form of eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, is when an excess of oil or sebum is released from the skin, causing problems. 

When bacteria feed on your skin, it may cause your cells to perceive it as a threat and start growing new skin faster, causing dandruff. The oil only accelerates this process, causing more issues. 

Contact dermatitis is when the skin is irritated by an allergen, causing a painful and itchy rash or reaction. Contact dermatitis dries out the scalp to an extent where dandruff is an automatic by-product. 

Moreover, other skin conditions like rosacea can cause dandruff. Therefore, finding the cause of the irritation is essential to ensure an effective dandruff cure.

Skin Type 

Excessively dry skin can cause dandruff as your scalp dries out. Over-shampooing, cold winds, and dry climates may cause this. The flakes of dandruff will be smaller and will not be oily. Seborrheic dermatitis causes small and dry dandruff. 

You may have dandruff with large and oily flakes if your scalp is excessively oily. Moreover, product buildup, infrequent shampooing, poor hair care, and frequent oiling can also lead to an itchy, flaky scalp. Therefore, looking for a dandruff cure that is sensitive yet effective is the end goal. 

Health Issues

People who have had organ transplants or have HIV, Hepatitis C or alcoholic pancreatitis are more likely to suffer from dandruff as well because of dermatitis. 

Moreover, people with nervous system complications like those with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s have impaired autonomic nervous systems, which lead to a faulty oil gland that causes over-secretion of sebum and, hence, dandruff. 

Also, people with traumatic brain injury, epilepsy and a risk of strokes are more likely to experience dandruff. If you experience a severe health issue then hair care may be neglected, causing dandruff. 

Other Factors 

Age and sex play an essential role in determining whether a person will experience dandruff or not. It starts at puberty and usually ends by the mid-20s. It is reported that by age 50, the probability of experiencing dandruff is severely reduced. 

Males are more likely to experience dandruff because of testosterone, which increases the secretion by the sebaceous gland. More oil means more inflammation, which leads to more dandruff.

Moreover, yeast-like fungi may also cause dandruff as they feed on the oil of the scalps of adults and a dandruff cure to target the infection is needed. 

It is vital to get medical intervention from a dermatologist to diagnose chronic dandruff. If treatment or dandruff cures at home still do not work, a doctor may go in for a biopsy to ensure that the reason is overt and does not indicate some underlying health issue. 

How To Get Rid Of Your Dandruff?

hair care for dandruff
Hair Oiling For Dandruff

Dandruff Shampoos 

Special shampoos with ingredients like Pyrithione Zinc, Selenium Sulfide, Salicylic Acid, Tar, and Ketoconazole are all suggested by dermatologists as ingredients your shampoo should contain. However, ensure you visit a doctor before investing in these dandruff cure products, as some are allergic to them. 

Moreover, if you have colored hair, it may cause discoloration and may dye your fingers, skin, and clothes as well. You must stay away from the sun for up to 72 hours and keep the product away from cuts, bruises, and pregnant or nursing mothers. 

When shampooing, after applying the product and rubbing it in, leave it for five minutes and then rinse it thoroughly. The frequency of washing your hair depends on your hair and skin type. 

Home Remedies 

If you have mild dandruff, it may not even require medical intervention. Trying home remedies first is a great way to incorporate dandruff cure into your routine. 

An ingredient like tea tree oil with antifungal properties is safe to apply to the hair to ensure a well-moisturized scalp. Apply it before washing, or invest in a shampoo with 5% tea tree oil for the best results. 

Aloe vera, when applied to the scalp before shampooing, is also a recommended cure. Moreover, a great dandruff cure is to pour a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with a quarter cup of water over your head and then rinse after 15 minutes. 

Crushed aspirin mixed with shampoo can be rinsed off after letting it sit for 2 minutes. Similarly, baking soda or lemon sprinkled or rubbed on the scalp and rinsed after a few minutes with water is also a home remedy for dandruff. 

Simply oiling your hair with hot oil massages and moisturizing oils like olive or coconut oil is a traditional way to deal with scalp irritation. Incorporate healthy fats like omega-3 into your diet to improve your hair health. 


Most people experience dandruff; for most, it is not chronic and does not require medical attention, just some extra hair care and TLC from you.

If your dandruff refuses to go away after trying home remedies and dandruff cures, consult a dermatologist. Moreover, ensure that you visit a dermatologist before you apply harsh ingredients on your hair, like Tar, which is not available over the counter. 

Dandruff is not embarrassing, and you should embrace yourself fully without worrying about what people will think. Focus on hair care and get the healthiest, shiniest hair ever. 

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