The Coziest Winter Hairstyles For This Festive Season

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Winter means laziness; low-effort styles are fan favorites when it’s too cold to function. However, just because you choose to be laidback doesn’t have to mean you compromise on style. Hair also deserves a break during this time. Therefore, avoidance of heat styling is preferred for your hibernating hair. Reset your hair with these low-maintenance and effortless winter hairstyles. 

‘Chic yet comfortable’ is the motto for this holiday season. Look cool (pun intended) with these easy winter hairstyles, you can try without leaving your cup of cocoa. Low effort, high style, and very cozy. Here are five winter hairstyles using beanies, muffs, and more made especially for you. 

Bucket Hat With Volume

winter hairstyle bucket hat
Bucket Full Of Poises!

This winter hairstyle is made for the people with the most gorgeous waves or curls who want to look glamorous without using heat or changing their natural texture. Wavy hair and curly hair add volume and movement to your face naturally. They also help frame the face with their bouncy texture. 

Bucket hats are back in fashion this year, and the style gurus couldn’t be happier. These fashion statements were a hit in the ’70s, and just when everyone thought they should pack them up and get rid of them, they made an electric comeback! 

Pair a bold bucket hat with your natural voluminous hair; a bouncy blowout hair without any effort. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your textured hair in the shower when conditioned with a hair mask, and then use a leave-in conditioner and hair oil when damp. Use a diffuser or air dry your hair to reduce frizziness and return it to its original windy shape. Put on a bucket hat, try a new pattern, something bold. Try an eclectic pink or a sunflower yellow color to best suit your personal style!

Woolen Hairband With Long Hair

Long hair is a classic and effortless way to look elegant. Flaunt your natural texture with this winter hairstyle and let your hair down. If you have wavy or curly hair, don’t let heavy products weigh it down; use a light, silicone-free leave-in conditioner to let your natural texture steal the spotlight. If your hair is straight, comb it out and let it be the main character. 

Woolen hairbands are never explored as often as regular glitzy hairbands are. However, they are the coziest and classiest way to pull off a genuinely low-effort hairstyle. Pair your gorgeous locks with a vintage pink or mustard-colored woolen hairband. This look is the easiest way to upgrade a plain outfit and make it a class apart. 

Beanie With Pigtails 

winter hairstyle beanie
Beanie Genie

Pigtails are a classic winter hairstyle; they are easy to do and make everyone look absolutely adorable. Split your hair into two sections vertically, pick up one section, divide that section into three and start braiding. Replicate that on the other side, and tie both off with a scrunchy or a rubber band. Loosen the braid by removing a few strands and pulling on it. 

Beanies are a classic way to upgrade any winter hairstyle; they are perfect for a day you want to stay warm yet look stylish. They are perfectly cozy and are available in varied styles and colors, from pinks to neutral browns. You can find it all, build your beanie collection today and look like a cute muffin all year round. 

Pair your loose and comfortable pigtails with a comfortable neutral beanie to tie the look together. Let your natural hair color complement the eclectic color of the beanie, or dye your hair a fun color and pair that with a neutral beanie. The world is your oyster with this versatile hair accessory! 

Earmuffs With Bangs 

winter hairstyles earmuffs
Did I Hear Fashion?

Need to stay warm? Want to be cute as a button? Try bedazzled earmuffs. This winter hairstyle accessory is perfect to add glitz and glamour to your everyday life. Earmuffs are widely available on the market this time of year, decorated with fun sparkles and jewels. Fluffy and big, they can help draw attention to your face. 

Curtain bangs and layers are the ideal hairstyle for this winter, as they promise to keep you warm and stylish in this cold and mundane weather. Go to a hairstylist or experiment at home (at your own risk) by cutting your hair into this voluminous style. The best part of this style is that it looks good with all hair textures and lengths. 

Pair your earmuffs with your natural bouncy and voluminous hair to add more volume and sparkles to your winter days. Wear a fuzzy white sweater and add red lipstick to complete this cozy yet chic look. 

Bow With Half Updo 

Half updos are versatile ways to add an edge to your everyday look. Curly, wavy, or straight hair, all of them are suited to this easy hairstyle. Split your hair into two sections horizontally. Take the section at the crown of the head and tie it using a transparent rubber band or a rubber band of the color closest to your natural hair. Let the latter portion down and flaunt your look. 

Pair this winter hairstyle with a giant silk bow to complete the look. Attach the bow on top of the rubber band to conceal it. If you’re looking for a Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf look, pair this hair with a black bow and put on a preppy cropped blazer and mini skirt with warm stockings and boots to achieve your desired look and aesthetic. 


Try these five low-effort and maintenance winter hairstyles to up your style game while letting your hair rest and recover from all the damage. You can also experiment with a halo of pins, a simple low bun, loose mermaid braids, or flaunt your ‘bed hair ’cause you don’t care.’ To most, the onset of winter ensures a comfortable and warm home as opposed to the cold, harsh climate outside; therefore, doing what makes you comfortable is the ultimate goal. 

A hot cup of eggnog, your coziest pajamas, surrounded by family and friends, singing Christmas carols, and sporting these stylish winter hairstyles seems like the ideal scenario this festive season. What are you waiting for? Start experimenting today!

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