Tress Trends: Anticipated Hair Innovations for 2024

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The new year invites new styles and new opportunities for change. You can make small changes to make larger impacts in your life. Your 2024 vision boards must be ready by now; if not, here is one more thing to add. 2024 is the year to evolve, take risks, and experiment with bigger ideas. And just like that, the anticipated hair trends for 2024 follow the same bold theme. 

Check out hair trends from 2024 that you can adopt in the next year to refresh your look and upgrade your fashion game. Better and more refined, like you, these hair trends for 2024 are here to make their mark in the high fashion world. A step up from this year, the new you deserves a new avatar. 

Almost A Fairy: Wispy Bangs 

wispy bangs hair trend
Doing it Right!

See-through bangs are a step up from last year’s hair trend, curtain bangs with layers, and they are here to stay and slay. Wispy bangs are perfect if you want to avoid cutting layers into your hair. If you have ever shied away from curtain bangs because you didn’t want to sacrifice the length of your hair, wispy bangs are your best friend. 

Thin and sparse bangs that show your forehead are made to suit every face shape. Consider if your forehead is larger or smaller, as it may indicate the length of your bangs should be. They are easy to maintain and not subject to long-term commitment. If you don’t like them, they are easy to conceal. This hair trend for 2024 can draw the right amount of focus to your eyes and cheekbones, making your face look gorgeously chiseled. 

Smarty Pants: A Short Bob 

Most people on TikTok have transitioned from very long to very short hair. However, that is a big commitment; therefore, a short bob can accompany you on your experimental journey without putting yourself out there too much. A bob means business but is still an elegant way to add to any plain outfit. 

A soft blunt bob is sleek and modern yet classic; if you have medium-length hair, it isn’t too different from that and is a comfortable area to explore. It can be styled in various ways depending on your choice and preference. Pair it with face framing bangs, layers or just a straight cut. It is a versatile and flexible hair trend for 2024 that is timeless and promises to stay here for a while!

Retro: A Wolf Cut 

wolfcut hair trend
Free and Fierce

Rachel 2.0, or the wolf cut, is every girl’s dream haircut. This hair trend for 2024 is truly messy and chaotic yet weirdly put together and effortless. It is the best way for medium-haired girlies to add movement and volume to otherwise flat hair. It is a grungy and cool way to style your hair that might feel like it’s at an awkward length, 

This hair trend for 2024 is cycling back after the 90’s and deserves a moment in the spotlight. This hairstyle is made for everyone and is the easiest to style as it adds dimension to even the most boring looks, flatters, and defines every face shape. This trend will return with a new twist involving color or even more volume! 

Natural And Free: Long Wavy Hair 

Embracing yourself and your natural curls is the theme of this season. If you have not let your hair down this year, do it in the next one. Learning to care for your hair type properly and saving it from all the excess damage that comes with heat styling is the best gift you can give yourself this new year. Loving your hair is the ultimate hair trend for 2024. 

Long and wavy hair is a match made in heaven with its gorgeous and natural-looking texture and long hair’s unopposed glamour. This hair trend for 2024 is the perfect look for you to flaunt. Wavy hair can be so majestic and royal-looking yet effortless. Well-defined and well-moisturised curls can be the recipe for your success this coming year. Try a new color or go longer to truly embrace the bold vibe of 2024. 

Red Hair, Don’t Care 

red hair trend
Trend Approved!

Red hair is making a comeback, and the fashion world couldn’t be happier. This bold hairstyle ensures that you always look gorgeous and put together. The rich hues of red are made to suit every skin tone. If you have brown hair, transitioning to a dark red is not that crazy of a look and, hence, is welcome by most people. By the end of it, you are most likely to fall in love with this hair trend for 2024 and keep your hair the way it is. 

A bright red or a cherry red is ideal for the summer seasons, and a deep amber suits the fall to create a beautiful harmony. There are various tones to explore and try out this new year. You could have a new look every month. Who knows. Go wild with red because ginger always promises to look richer. 


The best hair trends in 2023 are getting an upgrade in 2024, and you should try them out! Indulge in some haircare products and go ham while experimenting to find what works for you. This may be the year for your hair to embrace its potential and shine with these hair trends for 2024. Hair is an expression of yourself, which deserves to be revamped with you. As you explore the meaning of ‘new year, new me,’ let your hair do the same with these anticipated hair trends for 2024! 

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