Very Fairy: Cottagecore Inspired Pinterest Hairstyle To Try This February!

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Cottagecore Pinterest Hairstyles

Cottagecore-inspired Pinterest hairstyles often embrace a natural, romantic, and whimsical aesthetic reminiscent of country life and the beauty of the outdoors. 

This February, embrace the rustic charm and romantic allure of the countryside with hairstyles that evoke visions of blooming meadows, quaint cottages, and woodland adventures. 

To look like a fairy and to feel like one, these ethereal realm of cottagecore-inspired hairstyles are here to be your saving grace. They have soft, romantic, and nature-inspired elements to tie together a look simply yet elegantly. 

From delicate braids adorned with wildflowers to tousled waves that capture the essence of a carefree spirit. Explore a collection of Pinterest hairstyles that will transport you to a realm of fairy-tale beauty.

Crown Like: Braided Bun

A classic Pinterest hairstyle that ties together elegance with practicality. Mimicking a crown, perfect for an everyday hairstyle or a special event, this hairstyle is adaptable and versatile. 

Here is how to do this hairstyle that looks complicated but is so very easy. 

  • Wash and prepare your hair. Brush it out well and add an anti-frizz spray. 
  • Tie all your hair into a high ponytail as close to the crown as possible. 
  • Tighten it and adjust it as you wish. 
  • Divide the hair into three, and braid it in a French braid. Secure it with an elastic. 
  • Wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail. Use bobby pins to secure it in place. 
  • Tuck away any flyaways using hairspray and bobby pins. 
  • Pull out a few strands from the front for a more elegant and voluminous look. 
  • Use some hairspray to secure the bun and hold everything in place. 

A braided bun has a timeless charm that can be paired with a strappy midi dress to exude grace. 

Bow-y Flowy: Half Up-Do

bow Pinterest hairstyle
Bow Up-Do

A simple half-updo with a bow colored in pastel colors like pink or blue is perfect to pair with a flowy dress and your natural hair. 

Here is how you can do a delightful half-updo Pinterest hairstyle with a charming bow that’s perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your hairstyle.

  • Brush your hair after washing it and carrying out your regular hair care routine. 
  • Section the hair into two, one near the crown and the other at the base. 
  • Let the lower section hold a little more hair so it can give a fuller look. 
  • Using the upper section, tie off a ponytail using a clear elastic band. 
  • The ponytail should be low and merge flawlessly with your hair. 
  • Secure a bow on the base of your ponytail using bobby pins or elastic. 
  • Add some more volume by pulling out strands from the front and curling them to add more movement. 
  • Add some hairspray and a volumizing spray to the lower section to create a more complete look. 

If you cannot find a bow, you can make one using a ribbon and pins. Perfect for a special event or to elevate your everyday look, this Pinterest hairstyle is sure to turn heads

Like A Gift: Ribbon Hairstyles

Any hairstyle complete with a ribbon is sure to make it to Pinterest. You can get creative with ribbons when you try these fun Pinterest hairstyles. 

  • A ribbon wrapped ponytail involving a ponytail where a ribbon bow replaces the elastic. 
  • A ribbon-wrapped bun is secured using a ribbon as opposed to bare elastics and bobby pins. 
  • Ribbon accentuated braids that use a ribbon bow to camouflage the elastic and add whimsy. 
  • Or try a ribbon headband that keeps the hair from your face but adds a touch of elegance and movement. 

Ribbons are a flexible tool that can add to any DIY project or make you look fabulous as you embark on your journey to live life with a little more magic. 

Flowery: Braids And More

pinterest hairstyles with flowers
Flower Infused Hairstyles

Adding flowers to any look makes it more Pinterest-worthy and cottage-core. It is perfect hairstyle for a wedding, a party, or to add to your everyday life. 

Pinterest hairstyles are made more whimsical by taking inspiration from nature. Here is how to do a French braid adorned with flowers to add more grace.

  • Start with clean, tangle-free brushed hair. 
  • Gather a section of hair near your crown and divide it into three sections. 
  • Start to braid that hair regularly while adding more hair from the nearby area to ultimately weave in all your hair. 
  • Braid till you reach the end and secure it using an elastic. 
  • Pull out some strands from the front and curl them. 
  • Add flowers like baby’s breath to the braid by tucking them carefully into the hair. 
  • Ensure to be gentle, as you may end up breaking the flower or causing a sticky mess. 

Perfect for a picnic day out in the sun, this Pinterest hairstyle adds grace and creates a stunning, stand-out look. 

Maiden Maiden: Handkerchief Curls

Add to your natural curls and curly hair using a Pinterest hairstyle that is derived from the past but has been adapted to the future. 

  • Try a curly hair routine and bring out your natural curls. 
  • Using a handkerchief folded in half diagonally into a triangular shape. 
  • Place the handkerchief on your hairline and tie the ends together under the hair in a simple knot. 
  • Adjust it to pull out more hair or give a different look; the world is your oyster. 

Many hairstyles can be completed using a handkerchief to add a more maiden and cottage core-inspired look. 


Cottage core Pinterest hairstyles unveil a delightful journey into whimsical beauty. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting aesthetics of cottagecore, these hairstyles transport us to a realm where nature’s charm intertwines with human creativity. These hairstyles elevate our looks and evoke a sense of nostalgia for simpler times. 

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