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If you’re anything like me, you don’t love constantly spending $$$ at the nail salon. While it’s great to have a professional do the job, a little DIY will go a long way towards saving you cash. There are a ton of at-home kits on the market, for all types of manicures. Everything from UV lights to drills to simple press ons are available. While there may be a learning curve to doing it yourself, it’ll surely be worth the effort. And hey, maybe practice on your girlfriends? Nail party!

Read on for some quality DIY nail kits available now:

Chill Tips

Get chill tips on non-toxic trendy nail designs

What began as a nail salon & spa in NYC started by influencer/blogger Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, Chillhouse has transformed into a multi-channel brand, complete with a newsletter, “The Chill Times.” Their latest endeavor are “Chill Tips,” non-toxic, reusable press-on nails in über trendy designs. Chill Tips have received great reviews, with users confirming wearability and longevity.


Get variety of nail shapes & lengths with Kuticle press

Kuticle press on nails offers a slew of nail shapes and lengths. They boast everything from hand painted luxury options to Louis Vuitton decals, to the extra bejeweled “Diamond Dogs,” pictured above.

Beetles Gel Extensions

Get a gel manicure within your budget with Beetle nail tips

Beetles nail tips and glue gel kit, available on Amazon, is a nail system that functions as a cross between a gel manicure and traditional acrylics. The entire kit, replete with a nail lamp and 500 nail tips, costs $20 – less than an average gel manicure! Reviewers gush that the polish is slow to chip. Definitely a small investment worth making.

Pop Sockets

Match your manicure with your phone's PopSockets

The brand that gave us those little phone accessories we didn’t know we needed has launched into the nail category. Why not match your mani to your phone!? Each PopSockets set comes with nails in varied sizes, a matching pop grip, file, prep pads, and mani stick.

Kiss Salon Dip

Get a long-lasting manicure with  Kiss Salon Dip

Is “dip” more your style? The dip powder nail technique involves dipping your nail into colored powder, then topping it with a sealant. The result is an even longer-lasting manicure – up to one month! A great at-home option is the Kiss Salon Dip, a widely available drugstore buy that includes tips for extra length.

ManiMe Gel Stickers

Get a low maintenance manicure with ManiMe

Need something a little more low maintenance? Gel stickers are a quick fix alternative to extensions or a trip to the salon. They won’t add length, but in a pinch they look just like polish with none of the mess. ManiMe offers a gorgeous selection of colors and patterns – all for about $15-25 a pack.

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