Fashion Rewind: A Look Book Of The Most Iconic Hair Trends From 2023!

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A look back into the past is essential to improve in the future. Through this blog, take a journey through the most iconic hair trends from 2023 and how they will translate into the new year. Hair is essential in every look; therefore, hairstyles must also be given equal importance when journeying through a lookbook. 

2023 has been a year of returning to normal and embracing life for what it is. Hair trends have also translated this theme, where everyone embraces their natural self and hair. Here are our favorite hair trends from 2023 that are ready to be upgraded and promoted to 2024. Here are the top ‘it’ girl styles from this past year and a remorseful goodbye to them. 

Stronger And Longer 

curly trending hairstyle
Mermaid Fantasy

Like the theme of this year, which was to embrace natural beauty, people have grown to love the natural texture of their hair. The internet is swarming with videos on how to care for your hair without using heat, from curly to wavy, and even straight hair routines. People are learning to embrace their unique selves. 

From how to properly moisturize your hair, oil it, and help it grow, all of these topics have been widely discussed. People are choosing their hair and growing it to look fuller and more graceful. 

Many celebrities like Halle Berry, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez were seen sporting their natural curls. While shorter hair is being brought into the spotlight, short-textured hair is predicted to rule the hair trend game for the coming year. 

Wildly Unique: Wolf Cut 

The most popular and unique hairstyle of this year, 2023, has been a wolf cut. Mixing a shag cut and a classic mullet, women are embracing their wild side with this voluminous haircut. This haircut was the most glamorous yet edgiest hair trend seen this year.

Shoulder-length hair is cut into numerous layers and then completed using some bangs, most popularly curtain bangs. Layers are the best way to frame your face without sacrificing any volume. There is no need to do jaw-strengthening exercises because your face is sure to look defined with this haircut. 

Keke Palmer, Jenna Ortega and Miley Cyrus chose to go fierce with this cut, and the people followed. Textured yet so effortless, styling this hair has been a field day for hair stylists. This hair trend will surely upgrade and carry itself proudly and loudly into the next year to help you welcome the essence of change. 

Oh, Honey, Honey: A Blonde Dream

trending hairstyles blonde
Golden Bouquet

Hair color is an expression of your personality, and the hair trend was to try crazy hair colors at home this 2023. However, some people stuck to the more classic, warmer, honey-toned blonde shade or experimented with a platinum blonde that is ever so effortless and flawless. 

The season’s color is a sun-kissed blonde or a cooler, more Pamela Anderson blonde. The perfect blonde shade, 613, suits any skin tone and is sure to look eclectic and drastic against darker skin tones, promising a more distinctive and contrasting look. 

Queen RiRi chose to go blonde for the Grand Prix in Las Vegas, and Nicki Minaj also opted for a platinum blonde hair wig many times this year. Proving that blondes always have more fun! This hair color trend will surely get more drastic next year and be complimented using warmer tones like ginger as well. 

Timeless: Mid Length Bob 

Going short is the most drastic change someone can make. However, the pressure and emotional turmoil that follow the decision are usually not worth the style. Therefore, choosing a style like a mid-length bob is perfect. It does not require much commitment as the hair is long enough to grow back in a few months but short enough to look different. 

Bobs are classic and timeless. Pairing a shoulder-length bob with any outfit promises an elegant result that will receive compliments galore. They can be styled straight or curly; it is up to you. Versatile and adaptable, this hair trend has been a fan favorite this year. 

Stars like Zoe Saldana, Hailey Bieber and Cara Delevinge chose this sleek style for their 2023. As people are looking for more drastic changes, this hair trend is predicted to go shorter in the new year and depict us being able to stand tall in the face of all adversities. 

A Brave Shave 

shaving head trending hairstyle

Honestly, the most effortless and efficient haircut is a complete shave. Going bald or sporting a buzz cut is unorthodox for women. However, everyone has been in a situation where taking care of the locks has felt like too much work and for those moments, no hair is the best solution. 

Yes, going clean-shaven can be challenging and emotional, but it is associated with a feeling of freedom and liberation. If you cut close to the root and have some hair, dying it fun colors or patterns is a colorful way to embrace this style. 

Lupita Nyong’o and Florence Pugh both chose to shave their hair this year. At the same time, celebrities like Tia Mowry chose to go short and own the pixie cut with a cool attitude. This style takes guts to pull off, and embracing this sense of adventure in the next year might be the taste of the season. Who knows?


While you work on improving for the next year, your hair should get that opportunity, too. Let it invoke change and genuinely embody the essence of 2024 with upgraded versions of these hair trends. Your abilities are enhanced, your goals change as each year passes, and your personal style also deserves that boost. 

Welcoming 2024 with zeal while waving goodbye to 2023 with sorrow. Use this opportunity to explore how you can adapt to the situations of the new year and be better while your hair strives to become more stylish and trendy.

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