Hair Looks Cute Enough For Your Insta Feed In 2024!

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2024 means the year of change, discipline, and consistency. While other factors in your life are in control, your Instagram feed may need a little bit of a revamp. 

This blog will take you through the cutest hair looks using hair extensions for 2024 so you can post on your Instagram and get all the likes you desire. Feel cute and look put together with these easy-breezy DIY hairstyles. Ease and fun is the theme of the New Year, and you deserve to keep up with that theme and explore your style to find what works best for you. 

Classy Yet Sassy: Headbands 

DIY hairstyle headband
A Fashion Badge

A popular trend from the 20th century is back; headbands are ready to be revived. Headbands are classy and elegant, yet cute and perfectly Instagrammable. This DIY hairstyle is the ideal way to elevate any look. 

  • After you install your hair extensions into your natural hair, use your hairband and pull back your hair neatly. 
  • If you want a slightly more relaxed look, pull out a few strands from the front and curl them. 

Pair this with a cropped blazer, a pair of knee-high boots, and a mini skirt to look like the perfect Upper East Side Gossip Girl.

Effortless Half Braids 

Have you ever heard of a half-updo with braids instead of a pony? Now you have! The most effortless yet tricky DIY hairstyle to pull off is a half-updo with braids. But once you pull this look off, you are sure to look like perfection in every post of yours. 

  • Split your hair into two horizontally. One portion near the crown and the other below it. 
  • Take the portion near the crown, start doing Dutch braids from both sides and make both braids meet in the middle to create a larger braid. Loosen it up by tugging on it gently. 
  • Add hair extensions to add more volume and length so you get a fuller and more flawless look. 

This perfect Bohemian look requires the cutest summer dress you have and your gorgeous smile.

Giddy Up With A Power Pony 

DIY hairstyle pony
Powering Up With A Pony

This DIY hairstyle is the easiest way to add elegance and a professional look to any outfit. A power pony is a high pony that makes the rubber band invisible and lets your hair steal the center of attention. 

  • To achieve this look, attach your hair extensions to add more length and volume to your hair.
  • Tease your hair near the root and tie it into a high ponytail. 
  • Grab a section of the ponytail from the corner and tease the roots of it before wrapping it around your rubber band and securing it with bobby pins. 

Dorn a formal blouse and some pants to curate the perfect Instagram post and receive all the comments you wish for. 

Puffy And Fuller Curls 

Embrace your natural texture, and come to terms with who you are on the inside. This year’s theme is to be real, even on social media. 

Instagram deserves to see you and your natural hair. If you have curls, you need to embrace them and add to them instead of taking away from them and reducing their shine. If you want to increase the volume or length of your curls, add 4c hair extensions and create a fuller look. 

Remember that everything you see online is not real; therefore, you should never compare yourself. Your curls deserve love just like you do, so give them that TLC and show the world the real you. 

Slicked Back Everything 

DIY hairstyle slicked back
Slick It Back With A Bun

Whether your hair is greasy or you want a classy and clean look, a slick-back DIY hairstyle is for you. 

  • Add your hair extensions and tie your hair into whatever style you wish for, whether that be a high ponytail, a low bun, a high bun, a high ponytail, etc. 
  • Use a hair gel to make your hair look slicked back around your crown. 
  • Take a comb and tame the flyways to achieve the most perfect, clean-girl look. 

Some simple makeup and any outfit of your choice will create the perfect synergy for a high-interaction Instagram post. 

Braided Space Buns 

A slightly tricky yet high-reward DIY hairstyle, braided space buns are out of this world. Perfectly aesthetic and so very Instagrammable, this DIY hairstyle is made for you. 

  • Split your hair into two sections vertically, and then split each of those two sections into two horizontally. In total, you should be left with four sections of hair.
  • Use the two front sections of hair near the crown and start braiding both of them separately. You should have two braids near the crown of your head. 
  • Take those braids and rotate them to make two separate buns on the top of your head. Secure them using bobby pins and rubber bands. 
  • Put on some hairspray to secure the look in place. Add your hair extensions before braiding if you feel like your hair lacks volume or length. 

This out-of-the-world look deserves some fun makeup and your cutest outfit to look complete. 


Celebrate this year of self-improvement and discovery using these easy yet fantastic and stylish DIY hairstyles. Post on your Instagram feed and wow everyone with your transformation. 

Never forget that social media is only a portion of everyone’s life, and you should never have to compare yourself to anyone. You are beautiful just the way you are, and so is your hair. Embrace yourself and your natural beauty entirely because this year is your year. 

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