Hairstyles Inspired By Iconic Christmas Movies

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This holiday season’s ideal scenario is cozying up in a warm blanket with a hot cup of cocoa and watching a classic Christmas movie. But have you ever felt inspired by the movies and wanted to try a different look for this time of year? 

This blog has you covered! Take a journey through 6 iconic Christmas movie hairstyles and learn how to personalize them to make a DIY hairstyle. They are perfect for any Christmas party or to add glamour to a regular winter evening on the couch with some Christmas songs in the background. These DIY hairstyles are ideal for bringing some joy into the festive season.   

Here are six fan-favorite looks from some of the most popular Christmas movies. Come and make your own Christmas DIY hair. 

Kat Graham In The Holiday Calendar 

The famous 2018 Netflix film, The Holiday Calendar, starring Vampire Diaries fame Kat Graham, is an unpredictable Christmas story. Throughout the movie, the star wears her hair in one of two ways, including a short wavy style or a romantic bun. 

The romantic bun is one of the most elegant yet easy DIY hairstyles. 

  • Put your hair into a low ponytail, leaving the two large pieces in front. 
  • Take the tied hair and make a relatively loose bun. 
  • Use a styling wand and make the front pieces that were left out wavy
  • Then, clip those pieces in sections, starting from the back, into the top of your bun. 

Remember to be gentle; this hairstyle is delicate and can collapse quickly. 

Pair this look with your favorite warm red sweater and a berry lip, and you’re all set to rock this holiday!

Gabrielle Union In Almost Christmas 

DIY Christmas hairstyle braids
Box Braids For Self Expression

There has been a situation in every girl’s life where her hair is getting too much and needs to be pulled away from the face while maintaining style. 

Gabrielle Union sports a gorgeous head of box braids throughout the movie, ‘Almost Christmas.’ However, one of her most effortless looks is her half-up half-down look. 

To ace her DIY hairstyle, try these steps: 

  • Pull your hair away from your eyebrow arches rather than your temples to give a more relaxed yet snatched look. 
  • Use a bow, a fancy claw clip, or a rubber band to secure the hair to the back of your head. 

This look is versatile and can be paired with any outfit or aesthetic. However, one of the boldest ones is a leather jacket and a red lip, sure to make you look so hot in all this cold. 

Magdalen Mills In Jingle Jangle 

Who can forget the cutest Magdalen Mills in the 2020 film Jingle Jangle? Everyone in this movie served looks; however, one of the best was this faux hawk created by Sharon Martin. The inspiration behind the look was a toy factory, and it truly is represented by the cogs, screws and machine parts attached to Mills’ hair. 

Short afro curly hair is the best suited for this look; however, feel free to try it if you think it may work for you. 

  • Start with sectioning your hair into 3 or 4, from the front to the back. 
  • Use a brush and comb each section while tying the hair into a bun at the top. 
  • Use a gel to stick down the hair on the sides that are not a part of the bun. Make sure the hair looks sleek and well-gelled down. 
  • Add ornaments or bows, or whatever you wish. Make it your own to have a unique DIY hairstyle. 

While this may be a slightly more complicated DIY hairstyle, but it guarantees a well-warranted return. Pair this look with anything, preferably simple, because you should let the hair draw all the attention. 

Whitney Houston In The Preacher’s Wife

DIY Christmas hairstyle bun
Hair Buns With Glamour

Miss Whitney Houston is an icon in and in herself; however, her role in ‘The Preacher’s Wife’ is revered as equally classic. The 1996 movie posters starring Whitney front and center all had one thing in common: her gorgeous and ever-so-elegant curly locks. 

However, her gorgeous curly hair bun was perfect for every occasion. Easy yet stylish, this bun is made for everyone. Here is how you can replicate it and make a fit for every occasion DIY hairstyle.

  • Take two small sections out from the front. Grab the rest of the hair and make a tight bun on your head.
  • Take a few strands out from the bun and loosen it to your comfort. That’s it, it’s just that simple!

This DIY hairstyle is perfect for this Christmas when you want some style but are prioritizing comfort. Wear an oversized hoodie with this and grab a cup of cocoa; you’re set for the winter! 

Queen Latifah In Last Holiday 

DIY Christmas hairstyle blowout
A Voluminous Blowout

As her name suggests, Queen Latifah is fashion royalty. Her luxurious yet unique style is perfectly indicative of her personality. Last Holiday is an emotional and funny rollercoaster ride movie, 

In the posters of this 2006 movie, the star sports a stunning red dress and a beautiful wavy side-swept hairstyle. If you want the same look and look equally glamorous, try this DIY hairstyle. 

  • Start by making your hair wavy, which may involve simply curling and brushing through it or straightening your coily curly hair and then making it wavy, whatever works for you. 
  • Take the bulk of your hair to either shoulder and secure bobby pins on the other side to ensure the hair doesn’t move. 
  • Finish with hairspray to make sure the hair stays secure. 

Pair this DIY hairstyle with a red poofy dress and put on some diamond earrings. Embody glamour in this sparkly look. 


For this Christmas season, joy and cheer are complimentary, but the style has to be invested in. Try these simple DIY hairstyles made for everyone so you can pull off all the glamorous looks while being in your snowman pajamas on your couch. 

Christmas is the time to experiment, considering you’ll either have parties lined up or be locked in at home because of the snow. These styles are worth trying everywhere. Take the leap of faith and be unique with these iconic Christmas movie-inspired DIY hairstyles. Sleigh the season like you’re meant to!

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