Love Is In The Air: Romantic Hairstyles To Try For Your Date Night

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Embrace Your Hair With These Romantic Hairstyles

The season of love is back, and so it’s your turn to take a chance on love. If you are planning on going on a date or many, your outfit deserves a DIY hairstyle that is equally flattering and compliments it elegantly. 

These hairstyles for date nights are sure to get heads spinning and get you the attention that you so rightly deserve. A date night is your chance to feel confident and beautiful and embrace your feminine side to look the most gorgeous. 

Try these hairstyles out for a date or just for sitting at home in your pajamas and watching a romantic movie. You don’t need an occasion to dress up; after all, the season of love also means self-love, so give some to yourself! 

Braided Wonder: A Loose Fishtail Braid

  • Every main character in a romantic movie from the early 2000s has sported a loose braid at some point. The IT girl look has gotten an upgrade from tight side braids to loose and romantic fishtail braids. 
  • Braids are the most versatile DIY hairstyle because they can be adapted according to every look and every need of yours. The best hairstyle for a date night is a loose fishtail braid made for everyday wear. 
  1. Comb the hair well and split the hair into 2 sections.
  1. Using small sections of hair from the sides, 1 cm or 2 cm thick, cross them over to the middle of the two sections. 
  1. Continue to alternate between both sides until you reach the end, grabbing hair from both sections.
  1. Tie it off and loosen the braid by pulling in on it slightly. 
  1. Curl the strands around your hair delicately to give it a whimsical look. 
  • To upgrade this look, add some flowers or other fairy-like details, including glitter, to your hair. Pairing this DIY hairstyle with a gorgeous white sundress and a pair of dainty heels to get the most princess like look and feel. 

Hearty: A Chignon

curly hair bun romantic hairstyle
A Curly Bun
  • A bun is a classic and timeless hairstyle that is the epitome of elegance. A high bun guarantees a sleek look and a low bun, a sense of effortlessness. A bun that is perfectly placed can give you a delicate look. 
  • A hairstyle for a date night that most DIY quickly can be elevated with a few simple tweaks here and there. 
  1. Tie your hair off into a ponytail.
  1. Wind it and tie it into a bun placed in the center or the lower part of your head. 
  1. Pin the hair from where it is coming undone to add volume and movement.
  1. Instead of a ponytail, make a braid instead to add more dimension. 
  1. Also, opt for hair extensions, as volume is essential to this look. 
  1. Curl the hair if desired to give a fuller look. 
  • Since the neck is exposed in this DIY hairstyle, try a top with a sweetheart neckline and a pair of block heels to embody grace. 

Princess Like: A Braided Crown

  • Every princess deserves a crown, and you are a queen, so you deserve it even more! A braided crown is an easy DIY hairstyle that is perfect for adding finesse to the simplest outfit. It is a romantic way to look put together and composed. 
  1. Make two French braids on the side of your head. 
  1. Grabbing hair close to the scalp and incorporating it into a braid with 3 sections is the easiest way to do so. 
  1. Using the braids, wrap them around the crown and secure them using bobby pins. 
  1. If the braids overlap, it adds more volume and therefore, hair extensions are ideal for this look. 
  1. Curl the remaining hair, so you have a unique half updo perfect for a day out. 
  • Your fanciest red dress and a red lip can be best friends with this DIY hairstyle for a date night. It will also go perfectly with the diamond bracelet you are getting as a gift for this festival of love. 

Bed Hair, Don’t Care: Sleek And Tousled

romantic hairstyle sleek
Long Sleek Hair
  • Sleek hair is the trend this year, but adding a wavy texture to the ends of the hair is the easiest way to make the hair look romantic and flawless. Just came out of bed, but don’t want it to look that way? Add a little more effort to get an effortless hairstyle for a date night. 
  1. Curl the hair using a curling iron and then fluff it out using a comb to loosen the curls. 
  1. Add a volumizing spray and a texture spray. 
  1. Use hair gel and sleek down the hair around the scalp. You can also use a light hair oil for a more lustrous DIY hairstyle. 
  1. Add some leave-in conditioner or light oil to the ends if the hair is getting frizzy. 
  1. Moreover, bedazzled bobby pins can be your best friend to add more glamour to the look and make you look sexier. 
  • Own this look and girl boss hard with a blazer dress or a power suit. A pair of stilettos to truly show off and exude a dark feminine energy is the way to go this night. Whether you are single or not, you deserve to own your confidence.


A date night is meant for you whether you have a romantic partner or not. Every person deserves to get and give love, and therefore, even if it is to yourself, put in the extra effort and take yourself out. Wear that dress, style those heels, put on your best face and strut out of your house with confidence using these DIY hairstyles. 

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