Texture Fusion: Blending Hair Extensions with Different Hair Textures

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Hair extensions are meant to add volume or length to your hair in whatever desired amount you wish for. They are the ultimate chameleon for hair products as they adapt to their environment. Poor blending could make it look obvious that you are wearing extensions, which may not be the preferred look. 

However, they may look unnatural and unfit if not installed in the right hair. Therefore, learning how to blend the product into your hair effortlessly is the ultimate trump card to guarantee a flawless look. 

Through this blog, learn how to find the right hair extension for your hair and how to install hair extensions to look like your natural hair but better! 

How To Choose The Right Hair Extension?

curly hair extensions
Clip-In Hair Extensions

There are a few steps to choosing the right extensions for your hair. 

1: Why Do You Want Extensions?

Identify the objective you want to achieve when investing in hair extensions. Do you wish to add length or volume? Do you want to use the extensions for everyday wear or special occasions? 

Depending on that, you can decide whether the hair extensions should be those that can be removed and installed at your convenience. Then you should get easily removable ones; if you want them for everyday wear, choose one that can be worn every day, does not need to be removed, and is the most similar to your natural curl pattern.  

2: Which Extension Do You Want?

The first thing you should do is choose what kind of hair extension you want. 

Clip-in extensions: Attached using clips, these extensions are perfect for daily wear as they can be removed and installed easily at your convenience. 

Tape-in extensions: Attached using tapes or wefts, they can last upto eight weeks on one installation. They are made for short-duration wear and should not be removed every night. 

Sew-in extensions: Sewn into the hair by attaching wefts to braids; they require care to last long as they are a long-term solution. 

3: What Is Your Hair Pattern?

Is your hair curly, wavy or straight? Identify your hair pattern and texture. Curly and wavy hair can range from 2A to 4C. 

2A is the loosest waves that look slightly tousled, and 4C is the tightest curl, which is the diameter of a knitting needle. 

Determine this pattern by washing your hair and letting it air dry naturally to understand its curl pattern. The way it dries without any product is its most natural form that your hair extensions should match for everyday wear. 

4: The Right Brand For You

There are hundreds of hair extension brands to choose from. However, you should choose the brand that you most align with. 

If quality is your priority and you need a budget, then a different brand may work for you over someone whose priority is staying within budget. 

Certain brands like Indique offer quality, affordability and a vast range of products. Therefore, identifying which brand works best for you is the last step in investing in extensions. 

How To Blend Your Hair Extensions Into Your Hair?

blending textures hair extensions
Seamlessly Blend Your Hair Extensions

1: Prepare The Extensions 

Wash your natural hair and prepare it for hair extension installation. Dry the hair using a diffuser or let it air dry. Apply leave in products that you would normally use like conditioners and oils. Section the hair into 2-3 sections and let it dry. 

Look at your extensions and visit a hairstylist to understand how to cut them to match your natural hair best appropriately. Prepare your hair extension strands and style them to layer them in your natural hair. Trim them according to your chosen style so there can be an avoidance of any harsh length lines. 

2: Install Your Hair Extensions 

Install your hair extensions with an expert’s help if it is your first time doing so for the most flawless look. Blend it using a comb and fingers, tease back the hair, and apply lightweight serums to keep it flattering. 

When you tease the hair back near the root, ensure that the extensions are taped or clipped in at the scalp, as close to the root as possible, and make sure it is securely attached. Make sure to apply each extension to a different section to give an even, fuller look. 

3: Style Your Hair 

Style your hair and extensions as you wish. The most flawless-looking style is lightly tousled waves or curls, which allow the hair to blend in. Use a curling iron to style the hair as you wish, and finish it with some hairspray. Use a comb and accessories to blend the hair with the extensions. 

4: Maintaining Your Hair Extensions 

The most crucial step to ensure a flawless blended hair extension is its aftercare and regular maintenance. Visit professionals for the best advice on caring for your extensions, including treatments and frequent trims. 

Moreover, keep your hair healthy to blend with the extensions without looking too starkly different in texture or shine. Brush the hair regularly and avoid harsh products that may cause breakage. 


hair extensions from indique
Kinky Straight Hair Extensions From Indique

Blending your hair extension with your natural hair is essential to styling your hair to make it look its best. These steps ensure that your hair will always look fuller and longer, adding to your overall look and making you look glamorous every day. 

Affordable yet quality hair extensions are difficult to come across, but not impossible. Therefore, find a brand that works for you so you can always flaunt a gorgeous hairstyle without breaking the bank. Check out Indique and its products to add to your hair and aid your fashionable journey. 

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