Too Lazy To Wash Your Hair In This Cold? 5 Hairstyles To Hide Grease!

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The water is freezing cold, getting out of bed seems like a task, and your hair desperately needs a break. Washing your hair in the winter can be a challenging and daunting job not only because of the weather but also because of laziness. However, the winter season also comes with festivals, and that means your hair has to look its best, always. 

Therefore, try these hairstyles that are perfect to hide the grease and to give your hair protection. Make these hairstyles your best friend this holiday season. In this blog, explore the top five hairstyles for winter and for hiding the grease on days when washing your hair seems too difficult. Yet, you want to look put together and fabulous. 

Sleek Buns Galore 

tied hairstyles bun
Someone said sleek?

A bun is the most elegant yet easy way to hide the grease. There are many variations of a bun that you can try to add class or edginess to an outfit. Whatever your heart desires, a bun can provide. 

  • You can try a low bun; grab all of your hair, put it into a low ponytail, slick it down using a comb, and then make a bun on the lower portion of your head. 
  • You can try a high bun where you grab all of your hair and make a high ponytail, put it into a bun, and slick down your hair using a comb and some hair gel.
  • Or you can try a side bun to embrace the asymmetrical nature of your style. Grab your hair, put it into a side pony, and make a bun. Slick down your hair, using a comb or a brush, and some hair gel or a light oil like an organ oil.

Since sleek buns are accompanied by a light oil or hair gel to make them look put together; you can hardly tell whether it’s the grease or the gel that is making your hair look sleek. 

Claw Clip Updone 

A ’90s trend that has come back into fashion with a bang! The claw clip is a versatile yet easy accessory to use on a day when your hair looks greasy and you are not in the mood to wash it. Here is how to do this hairstyle for winter. 

  • Take all your hair, twist it around your hand. 
  • Secure the claw clip around the nape of your neck to give it an effortless and loose look.

A chic way to upgrade any hairstyle for winter, using a claw clip gives you a chance to experiment without putting too much effort. Pull together any look effortlessly using this accessory for your winter parties. 

Headbands And Scarfs 

tied hairstyles using headbands
Fuller Headbands

Grease is prevalent around your crown. Therefore, covering up the front portion of your scalp is a great way to hide it. Using this hairstyle for winter is the most low-effort yet gorgeous look. Opt for a headband or a scarf and slick back your hair using it. 

It effortlessly covers up the grease with an accessory that can add style and elegance to your regular day-to-day look. Pair a black headband with a mini skirt, a shirt, and a cropped blazer to look like the Upper East Side fashion icon Blair Waldorf. 

This hairstyle for winter can be paired with a long coat and made to look warm or can be worn with a knitted dress to add something extra to a usually plain outfit. 

Braidy Wavey 

Fishtails or double Dutch braids are the perfect hairstyles for winter. They hide the grease while adding something extra to your look.

  • For double dutch braids, divide your hair into two and divide each of those two sections into three separate sections. 
  • Make a braid on either side starting from the temple. Keep adding a piece of hair from that area and incorporating it into the braid to make it look as if it is flawlessly emerging from your hair. 
  • Tie it off when you reach the bottom and pull it loose if you would like a slightly more relaxed look.
  • For fishtails, divide your hair into two equal sections. 
  • Grab a piece of hair, no bigger than 0.5 inches from either side and begin to braid them in towards the space between the two sections. 
  • Keep grabbing pieces of hair and in towards the gap.
  • Continue this process until you’ve reached the bottom of your hair and tied it off.

Slick down the hair using a gel or a light oil if you wish for a more defined and defined look. A braid is The most playful hairstyle for winter and is a fashionable way to pull together any look and make you look fantastic.


tied hairstyle Y2K inspired
Eye-conic Braids

Y2K-inspired hair is one of the easiest ways to hide the grease, and converting them into hairstyles for winter is so much fun. These front-piece baby braids are perfect to pull together any eclectic outfit this holiday season. 

  • Take two pieces of hair out from the front, not bigger than 2 inches, and braid them into small baby braids.
  • Tie them off using a fun colored rubber band. 
  • Take the rest of your hair and slick it down using gel to give back a slick back hair look, or tie it off into a ponytail. 
  • Whatever you choose to do with the rest of your hair, you can.

You can also opt for a slick-back hair look without the braids that are inspired by Y2K and red carpet moments. These hairstyles for winter are perfect to add finesse to any outfit or to add pizzazz, whatever you require that day. 


Hairstyles for winter have to be accommodating of the grease that your hair produces when it hasn’t been washed for days on end. These hairstyles for winter are also great on days when your hair is clean, but you still want to add something extra to any look. They offer a unique and fresh look to any simple holiday outfit. Pair these hairstyles with your comfiest pajamas and add something to them as well.

Try these hairstyles for winter out today, and be amazed at how well they can pull together your bedhead and accommodate your laze. 

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