Dry Hair In Winters? Get Tips To Make Them Shiny and Soft!

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Dry hair needs and deserves extra care is this season’s anthem. If the onset of winter has made your hair feel dry and brittle and has made your scalp so itchy, you are not alone. This blog is the perfect way to learn how to make dry hair soft with a few simple changes.

Cold air contains less moisture than warm air, so it is natural to experience dry, brittle hair during the onset of the colder months. Frizziness and dryness lead to an unflattering look that is never welcome in any woman’s life. Moreover, an itchy scalp and dandruff can also cause other skin-related problems in the long run. Therefore, learning to combat these issues early on is the best way to ensure healthy and luscious-looking hair in the future. Here is how to do exactly that

Change The Formulas

make dry hair soft with shampoo

The root cause of most hair brittleness is the products you use and choose for your hair; hair product formulas are an integral part of your hair care routine. Take your shampoo bottle over and look at its ingredients; if any ingredients read sulfate or alcohol, throw that bottle away. 

Certain shampoo ingredients are made to make dry hair soft and will be your best friend. For example, glycerin, natural oils, and keratin are all moisturizing products and ensure shine that is locked into your hair for days to come. Also, based on your climate and skin type, you must choose a product infused with an oil that will not cause pore blockage or breakouts. 

Your conditioner is meant to make your dry hair soft and will usually come with ingredients like aloe vera or natural oil like organ oil. Therefore, you only have to be worried about losing or stripping moisture due to your condition unless it contains alcohol. 

Pro tip: remember to leave your conditioner in your hair for a bit longer so that your hair can soak in the moisture appropriately.

Ensure that both your shampoo and your conditioner contain moisturizing products. Plus points if your shampoo contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, or proteins. 

Add Moisture 

make dry hair soft hydration
Keep It Soft

Hot oil massages for your hair boost circulation and increase the moisture content on your scalp to make dry hair soft. Apply any oil of your choice, including coconut, mustard, olive, etc., to your scalp half an hour before you go to bathe so that you may give your hair time to absorb all the moisture properly. 

Using your fingers or a scalp massager, gently massage the oil into your hair to increase circulation and promote growth. Get into your shower, shampoo as you would, and ensure you can remove all the oil. If you have an oily scalp, consult a dermatologist before you do so, as it may cause your pores to get clogged if not washed properly.

Hair Masks 

Deep hair masks are the perfect solution to a lack of moisture in your hair and make dry hair soft. Apply a thick layer before you shower or apply it after you shampoo your hair, leave it on for 15 minutes, and rinse it off with cold water. They are made to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and moisturize from the root to make your dry hair soft. 

Once a week, masks infused with argan natural oils are used on the ends to add moisture to your hair. Home remedies also are very effective when it comes to dry hair. Mixtures of banana, oil, aloe vera, avocado, and eggs are commonly used in Asian and Latin cultures to help bring out the shine in the hair. However, before you try any of these home remedies, consult a doctor to ensure these are suitable for you.

Less Frequent Washes

wash less for soft hair
Wash Less = Shine More

The winter also means the need to wash your hair is reduced since you are less likely to be sweaty; therefore, avoid washing your hair daily. Instead, try washing it twice a week or every alternate day to ensure that you are not drying your scalp out too much. Interval washing helps make dry hair soft 

Products like shampoo strip your head of natural oils that moisturize your scalp. Therefore, shampooing your hair thrice a week eliminates any product buildup and excess oil while ensuring the natural oil from your scalp moisturizes your hair thoroughly.

Heat Protection 

Heat on your hair tends to dry it out and make it brittle. Heat tools, while versatile, can also cause severe damage. Therefore, when using heat on your hair, use a thick layer of a heat protectant and moisturize your hair correctly afterward with leave and conditioner or light oil to make dry hair soft. 

Avoid using heat after every wash. And try to air dry as often as you can. Use a microfibre towel or a diffuser in a low-heat setting if you have curly hair to prevent frizz and still keep your hair healthy. All your heat tools should be used in a low-heat setting and should not be run over the same area of your hair more than twice.

Visit Your Doctor 

At any point, if you experience particles of dandruff falling from your hair in large chunks or your scalp is severely itchy, visit a dermatologist for the best advice on whether you need any medication or a medicated shampoo. However, remember that a little bit of dandruff and hair fall is natural for everyone during winter.


While every woman experiences dry hair in the winter, you must learn to take care of your hair well to keep it shiny and lustrous throughout the winter. Welcome the festive season with the most gorgeous long locks, and be merry. Celebrate your holidays with your family while sporting strong and well-nourished hair. These steps are guaranteed to make dry hair soft and make sure you rock all your outfits with the best accessory: your hair! Dry hair, now you care! 

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