Comfy Work-From-Home Fashion

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We are officially in the age of working-from-home– for better or for worse. It has its pros and cons: No commute! No annoying coworkers ambling into your cubicle! Then again, no IRL work besties/comrades, no after-work drinks, no boundaries between work and home. One factor that has certainly changed is workwear. While some may miss the ritual of getting dressed and donning heels, many love the option of wearing comfy options instead of binding professional pieces. Brands have taken this opportunity to pivot and spin new collections that provide WFH comfort rather than uppity suits of the past. Think elevated loungewear — items that feel good but don’t sacrifice style.         Read on for some of our favorite WFH fashion trends:

Nap Dresses

      floral nap dresses      


Flare Nap Dresses

Loose fitting, flowy, and feminine, “Nap Dresses” are all the rage. They are 2021’s answer to the house dress– an ultra comfortable piece that is soothing enough for home but dressy enough for work Zooms. Bridgerton meets modern WFH.

Party on Top – Accessorize

The easiest way to look put-together on a work call is to pop on some fun jewels. It shows you’ve gone the extra mile — but requires very minimal effort. Try colorful hoops, layers of gold chains, or statement earrings.

Drawstring + Elastic Waistbands

Gone are the days of belts and stiff denim. Many brands have focused on releasing fabulous-fitting pants that are as comfortable as leggings. Wear these with sneakers or dress them up with heels — if you do choose to leave the house.


This most classic of all classics still works in our WFH wardrobe. The beauty of a button-down is that it always looks sharp — and there are a million ways to style it. They cater to the minimalist, but can be jazzed up with bike shorts and trendy hoops.


While going shoeless is always an option when you work from home, slipper-shoe hybrids strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. Fuzzy options add a kitschy element to your look; while minimal leather options allow a fun sock to shine.

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