How to Commit to Your Summer Workout Routine

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Let’s use our imagination and now enter the summer workout courtroom where Fluff FanGirl appears before the Honorable Judge and states her case. Will she reveal that she spends more time painting her nails than doing sit ups? Keep reading to find out!


Fluff FanGirl: Your honor, I received your summer workout citation in the mail. I must confess that I am guilty of not working out for many reasons. The most prevalent are, spending my days online shopping, occasionally reading, gluing my eyes to my laptop working, or my favorite: eating. I know, I know, I should do better because my body depends on it. Please don’t throw me in fitness boot camp! I can’t afford to chip my gel nail polish.

Honorable Judge:  You know what, after further consideration we’ve decided to sentence you to a week long vacation, on your own dime. Now, it might appear that we’re rewarding you, but in fact we are not. We are giving you a break then putting into affect a strict workout routine. After you get back, it’s time to get in shape!

Fluff FanGirl: Thank you so much! Planning a week long vacation shouldn’t be that hard, but more importantly where should I go?

The true takeaway from this extremely fanciful excerpt is that before truly committing to a workout plan it’s most important to listen to your body, prepare, and not be so hard on yourself. Life happens to us all, and anyone that has ever had a New Year’s Resolution has dealt with the self-disappointment of not reaching his or her fitness goals. At Fluff, our main goal is to make our readers feel empowered and self-assured that life is not a race. You must win at what matters to you. Now, with that being said here are a few suggestions for your summer workout plan.


1.     Set Realistic Goals: Commit yourself to your goals, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Start small and work your way up. For example, to begin your workout regimens start with a bi-weekly walk in your favorite park. To make it more worth it bring along (store it in your car for after your walk/run) a magazine, bottled water, and a blanket just in case you want to take sometime to enjoy the day.

2.     Make it a Party: Do you have a close colleague or friend that wouldn’t mind working out with you from time to time? Invite them along and then afterwards you can grab healthy smoothies, which are great for digestion.

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3.     Before and After Pics: Ok, now this means you’re serious. Monitor your progress with a before and after photo. First thing you want to do is set a date for your before photo and a projected date for your after photo. Place the photo somewhere you normally look each day like the refrigerator or bathroom mirror. It will be a constant reminder to stay motivated and focused.

Overall, the main goal in life is to be healthy so don’t worry if you don’t reach your fitness goals, immediately. Being thin doesn’t make you healthy and being curvy doesn’t make you any less healthy. Win at what matters to you, and most of all make it a summer to remember.

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