Grisel Paula

Name: Grisel Paula

Occupation: Plus Model & Fashion Designer

Years in the Industry: 7 years

Q: Who are Rebdolls? How did you develop this name for your brand?

Rebdolls are women that want to be expressive or break out of what is considered “the norm”. Our Dolls, as we refer to them, are proud of who they are and unapologetic about it.

To be honest, I had a love/hate relationship with the name in the beginning. I had to constantly repeat it to myself because it didn’t “pop”, it didn’t have the “ring” to it that I thought I was looking for. However, after really listening to the power of the name and thinking about what I ultimately wanted for the company, I instantly fell in love with it.

Q: What steps did you take in order to pursue your designer dreams?

I just did it! I’ve been in the plus fashion industry for about 7 years, so I had a chance to see and learn a lot. Once I made up my mind that I wanted to expand into apparel, it was just a matter of how to begin. We started expanding Rebdolls, slowly — first with sweatshirts and hoodies, then dresses and so on and so on. We took our time and felt it out before just jumping into it. At the time, it was new and very different for us, so we wanted to be sure we had one thing perfected before advancing to the next.  

Q: Perfect fit, catchy slogans, and great attitude seems to be your design aesthetic, how did this come about?

Those are things that I can relate to and over time, I found that our Dolls could as well. As we started to transition more into Rebolls, I felt it was important that our customers felt like the brand spoke to them and they could express their individuality. We truly live by our “Unapologetic” slogan, because that’s just what we are. We do not apologize for what we enjoy, what we look like, or things we say. Not to be confused with being “misfits”, we are women who are empowered to be our true selves.

swim collection

Q: What inspired your swim collection?

Q: What advice can you give to budding designers?

If someone has aspirations to become a fashion designer, then do that. It is considered cliché to say follow your dreams, however, it’s one of the statements that got me to this point. Some people let the lack of education in fashion or knowledge of business hinder them, and it shouldn’t. If you have a goal, work towards it everyday. If you are consistent and steady, you will start to see the sacrifices pay off. Also, everyone may not like what you’re doing and you have to be okay with that. As long as you are confident with your work, people will pay attention and begin fall in love with it.

Q: Can we have a sneak peak on what to expect next?

This is just the beginning. 2014 was great with rebranding to Rebdolls and the launch of Grisel. We are now at a point where we are ready to expand and kick it up a notch! Stay tuned for exciting new partnerships and more awesome, unapologetic fashion. Remember, it’s about how you feel in the garments you buy, not what the next girl looks like in them…it’s all about you!

Q: If you were left on an island and could only bring three items, what would they be and why

My Macbook, some kind of Wifi connectivity device, and a tent! Being stranded on an island does not stop my workday and the running of Rebdolls. Therefore, I’d create a makeshift workstation under the tent, and get back to business as usual. It might not be such a bad thing to be stranded on an island, it gives me a chance to gather inspiration from the natural surroundings!

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