Shapewear for Every Body

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First thing’s first: why buy shapewear? We are slowly making progress towards an age of body positivity– so why change our shape to conform to society’s ideals? Great question. I hope we, as humans, get to a place where we are totally, completely comfortable in our own skin, loving and accepting every bulge and blemish and irregularity.

Alas, beauty standards constantly change, and we always seek to adapt to them– we have throughout history. Now, we have shapewear to adjust, smooth, nip & tuck our bodies to “perfection”- however we see that.

Today there are thousands of different shapewear pieces and brands available, many of which are comfortable, or at least tolerable, for everyday wear. So if it makes you feel a bit more confident – go for it! Allied Market Research recently predicted the global compression and shapewear market would be worth $6.95 billion by 2030, Sounds like this trend is here to stay, at least for a while. Read on for today’s best options:

What Kind?

There are a variety of shapewear available, depending on your needs/desires. Perhaps you want a more exaggerated hourglass figure for that new bodycon dress on a night out; maybe the girls need a little lift for a special occasion; or perhaps you just want to feel a little more pulled in and confident for a work event. Below are styles available for every need:

Full body shapewear

All over coverage. Best for bodycon dresses or tight fitting looks.


Boobs, tummy, and butt smoothing. Some versions have shorts, adding leg support.

Slips and Tanks

Coverage for the whole midsection; alternative to bodysuits for smoothing under dresses.

Waist Trainers

Best if you just want to nip and smooth your waist.


Leg support; Skims even offers a one-legged short version that acts as a solution to high-waisted skirts.


Control for butt and tummy; Cosabella sells a thong version, with tummy control over rear support.


Designed to lift and shape, with minimal seams.


Skims Shapewear By Kim Kardashian
Skims ShapewearTop of mind is of course Skims, the Kardashian 2019 invention that has garnered rave reviews, even from professional stylists. The line offers an array of different skin tones (9 for their bodysuit!) and inclusive sizing. The brand has done insanely well– currently valued at 3.2 billion, according to Forbes.


Yitty Shapewear By Lizzo
Yitty Shapewear

Brand new to the shapewear market is Yitty, the line launching April 12th by none other than her majesty Lizzo, in a collaboration with Fabletics. After Fenty and Skims, it may seem as if this is just another celebrity trying to make an extra buck.

But Lizzo has fresh ideas; she wants her shapewear to announce itself proudly– not be hidden. She says of the line: “I’m selling a mentality that ‘I can do what I want with my body, wear what I want and feel good while doing it.’ We’ll be feelin’ good as hell.


Spanx Shapewear
Spanx Shapewear

The name is synonymous with shapewear; Sarah Blakely founded Spanx back in 2000 and has since become a self-made billionaire – that should tell you something about the wild popularity of her brand. Spanx began selling foundational garments, but has since expanded into activewear, swim, denim and other apparel. It’s a go-to for many celebrities– and everyone else.


Commando Shapewear
Commando ShapewearA quiet leader in the shapewear sector is Commando. Kerry O’Brien founded the brand after burning out as a former VP at a financial PR company; she had a passion for fashion, and saw a white space in the underwear sector. Today the brand carries chic apparel and a men’s collection.

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