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Is it her impeccable style? Progressive yet nostalgic sound? Alluring voice? Whatever it is, BOSCO has got the juice and we absolutely love it. The Georgia born creative has been making waves in the music industry for the past two years. After signing with NY powerhouse label Fool’s Gold and releasing a hit EP BOY, she has grown to become a electronic DJ favorite and genre staple.

We had the opportunity to sit down with BOSCO to discuss her allure, upcoming projects and a few beauty/style tips!

Where are you from?


In a landscape filled with tons of female entertainers, what makes BOSCO’s offering more appealing?

I feel like I relate to people in a mysterious way where I leave just enough for them to look deeper. My lyrics are very pure and honest, not being afraid to expose certain insecurities with myself. I believe that I offer a sense of individuality within my style and delivery. Mixing different textures and cultures into one cohesive style.

With the exception of New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, what other cities inspire your art?

I fancy London, Vienna, Savannah, Charleston..

What City you want to visit that you haven’t been to yet ?


What other projects from BOSCO should we be looking out for?

Another zine! My first zine ‘TOMMY’ was released in May and sold out in a week; the DIY aesthetic was a hit. I am also excited to release two EPs: a solo EP, and a collaborative EP with producer Starro from Soulection.

Who are your 3 Favorite fashion designers at the moment and why ?

I’m really loving the brands at BNKR (C/MEO Collective, The Fifth, Keepsake, Finder’s Keepers), Stussy, GCTC, Chromat, Dior, and Cheekldn. I feel these brands and designers best describe who and what I represent as far as vibe and execution. I can see and feel the story of the clothing.

Share top two Beauty secrets? We love Bosco’s glam!

Thank You! I like to change up my hair pretty often. My latest look is custom colored extensions from Indique Hair. They undoubtedly have the best quality extensions that last for so long, even with me coloring them 3 times. I like to keep my nails in check too thanks to my BFF Ashley! So I often use Floss Gloss. I even bring it with me to the nail salon.

What’s your Guilty pleasure?

It’s always some sort of food. Specifically Popeye’s Chicken (spicy), Haribo Gummy bears, and drunken McDonalds 3am decisions.

For more on BOSCO, follow her on social media!

TWITTER: @hellobosco

INSTAGRAM: @hellobosco



Check out BOSCO’s latest release ‘MYNE’. The track produced by Treasure Fingers is guaranteed to storm nightclubs and runways everywhere.

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