The Buzziest CBD Products to Boost your Wellness

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CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a byproduct of the hemp plant Cannabis. It’s more well known sibling is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol – the stuff that gets you high. But while CBD is not known to be psychotropic, it does produce physiological and pharmacological effects– many of which are therapeutic and highly sought after. The CBD industry has recently become mainstream, and is projected to explode even more in the next few years; according to Vantage Market Research, the market is projected to reach $47.22 Billion by 2028, up from $4.9 Billion just last year. Sounds like there must be something to it!
Today there are thousands of products containing CBD that promise to aid in wellness, with benefits such as: anxiety relief, depression relief, pain relief, sleep support, and even seizure disorder support. Products range from simple drops to bath bombs– read on for some of the buzziest CBD products to snap up:


Gossamer Gummies

One of the most popular CBD treats is gummies. Gossamer created a luxe box, “Stoned Fruit Rose Delights,” flavored with plums, juicy peaches, and wild thyme. Each piece is infused with 10 milligrams of certified organic “Lifter” hemp flower rosin from New York’s female-owned Hudson Hemp.

Bath Bombs

Kush Queen Bath Bombs

Kush Queen is a CBD wellness brand offering a multitude of products. Our favorite are the nourishing mini bath bombs; each package comes with 5 different vibes: awaken, sleep, relieve, love, and relax – all containing 10mg of CBD. Not only will they work their magic, but also make your skin super soft.


Beam Tinctures

More of a purist? CBD oil is the simplest way to get your dose in without all the bells and whistles. Beam makes theirs from organic hemp extract sourced from domestic farmers. The hemp oil is blended with grape seed oils to help compounds stay intact so you can more easily absorb all the benefits.


Undefined Chocolate

Black woman-owned Undefined Beauty created a fair trade CBD chocolate that is not only vegan, but full of antioxidants and consciously sourced. The “glow bar” comes in three alluring flavors: “Uninterrupted,” a lavender-infused chocolate meant to lull you to a good night’s sleep; “Uncanny,” a blood orange and sea salt bar that contains Full Spectrum CBD to stir up creativity, sharpen focus and productivity; and “Uninhibited,” a hazelnut bar that contains Damiana Leaf and Maca Root – nature’s aphrodisiacs! We’ll take one of each.

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