Why You Should be Dry Brushing

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Every day we brush our hair and moisturize our skin; but– brushing our skin?! Dry brushing is a wellness technique hailing from Ayurvedic medicine. The process involves brushing the skin with a coarse brush in circular motions all over the body, ideally before showering. The practice has garnered newfound attention over the past several years, thanks to influential advocates such as Gweneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr and Alicia Keys. There are several purported benefits to dry brushing – some more medically supported than others:


One of the best and most obvious results we see from dry brushing is its exfoliating benefits. A dry brush is excellent for sloughing off the top layer of epidermis to reveal smoother, brighter skin. Just be cautious if you have sensitive skin– some brushes are more intense than others.

Ingrown Hair Prevention

Another excellent reason to dry brush is to prevent ingrown hairs. Many women suffer from irritated bumps on the back of legs or arms, and dry brushing works to release the tiny hairs trapped under the skin.

Cellulite Camouflaging

While dry brushing won’t eliminate cellulite – it will plump the skin, potentially leading to a smoother appearance.

Increased Circulation

Dry brushing will temporarily increase blood flow in the body, urging the oxygenation and delivery of other nutrients to parts of the body. While the body should do this on its own, dry brushing will give you a covetable flushed glow.

Lymphatic Drainage

One of the more debatable benefits of dry brushing is draining of the lymphatic system. Some doctors deny that dry brushing is actually successful at this, but – can’t hurt to try!

Brushes to Try

The type of brush you go with will depend on the sensitivity level of your skin. There are a range of materials used in dry brushes, such as boar bristles, goat hair, sisal, or synthetic. Read on for 3 of our favs:

Goop for Dry Brushing

Made from natural sisal fibers from the Mexican agave plant. The curved handle gives this Goop brush a unique edge in hitting hard-to-reach-spots on the body.

Esker for Dry Brushing

Esker brush is made from grass tree wood, natural bristles, and hemp twine. Allows for effective yet gentle brushing.


Clean Logic for Dry Brushing

Cleanlogic’s bristles are infused with charcoal, which helps to ward off bacteria. The handle is extra-long, so you can reach all the way down your back with ease.

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