Zhoosh Up Your Mask Game

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When all this started, I was clinging to a paltry few light blue surgical masks, assuming mask wearing would be a short-lived trend. Fast forward 10 months, and masks are now a very real part of our everyday lives. Now that they’re a fixture on our faces, we may as well embrace their presence and take this opportunity to express ourselves. Masks have come a long way since Spring 2020 — on top of the obvious goal of not spreading the virus, there are limitless mask options that allow us to: speak out, make a fashion statement, and even save your skin. Take a peek below for some fabulous brands that do all that and more:

Statement-Making Masks

Along with the pandemic, 2020 brought long overdue protests and louder voices speaking out against the inequalities that remain embedded in our society. Statement-making apparel followed, with masks front and center. “Black Lives Matter,” “I Can’t Breathe” and “Vote,” were among the messages boldly emblazoned across our mouths. Many brands also send portions of their proceeds to the organizations and charities that support these important causes. A favorite of the moment: “I’m Speaking”.

Best For You Skin

The downside to wearing masks all day is that they can wreak havoc on our skin. Paper masks actually absorb the moisture in your face, leaving it super dry – especially during these coldest months. There is also risk of the dreaded “maskne” – blemishes on the skin thanks to trapped oil, sweat and dirt. Our favorite remedy to these ailments is a super luxe silk mask. Silk is hypoallergenic, breathable and a natural fungal repellant, making it perfect mask material. Etsy sells thousands of options — the above complete with a matching silk scrunchie. Our favorite is by KES NYC – it even doubles as a cute top!


Not the most exciting of the group, but sometimes less is more. If your style is more streamlined, go for a neutral mask of high quality. Celeb favorites include masks by Wolford- known for its excellent and flattering fit – and Skims, that make a wide range of comfy nude shades.

Mask Accessories (Masksessories?)

We’d be remiss to make a mask list without including the accessory of the moment: Mask chains! This microtrend follows in the footsteps of a resurgence of eyeglass chains, but we think this one is even easier to pull off. From chunky tortoiseshell to delicate golden chains, you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your vibe. While masks should most always be worn ON your face, this helpful accessory is great for when you hop in your car (solo) and don’t want to put your mask somewhere it could pick up germs. Just be careful to style it with a fresh feeling ‘fit, lest you start giving off grandma vibes.

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